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Dear All,

The following query is running long time is our process (SM50)

SELECT T_00."MATNR" AS c,T_00."WERKS" AS c,T_00."LGORT" AS c,T_00."BWART" AS c,

T_00."ZEILE" AS c,T_00."LIFNR" AS c,T_00."EBELN" AS c,T_00."MBLNR" AS c,

T_00."MJAHR" AS c,T_00."SOBKZ" AS c,T_00."ERFMG" AS c,T_00."SHKZG" AS c,

T_00."ERFME" AS c,T_00."BUKRS" AS c,T_00."MENGE" AS c,T_00."MEINS" AS c,

T_00."WAERS" AS c,T_00."XAUTO" AS c,T_00."ANLN1" AS c,T_00."ANLN2" AS c,

T_00."APLZL" AS c,T_00."AUFNR" AS c,T_00."AUFPL" AS c,T_00."BPMNG" AS c,

T_00."BPRME" AS c,T_00."BSTME" AS c,T_00."BSTMG" AS c,T_00."BWTAR" AS c,

T_00."CHARG" AS c,T_00."DMBTR" AS c,T_00."EBELP" AS c,T_00."EXBWR" AS c,

T_00."EXVKW" AS c,T_00."GRUND" AS c,T_00."KDAUF" AS c,T_00."KDEIN" AS c,

T_00."KDPOS" AS c,T_00."KOSTL" AS c,T_00."KUNNR" AS c,T_00."KZBEW" AS c,

T_00."KZVBR" AS c,T_00."NPLNR" AS c,T_00."RSNUM" AS c,T_00."RSPOS" AS c,

T_00."VKWRT" AS c,T_00."WEMPF" AS c


JOIN "MKPF" T_01 ON T_01."MANDT" = @P1 AND T_00."MBLNR" = T_01."MBLNR" AND

T_00."MJAHR" = T_01."MJAHR"

WHERE T_00."MANDT" = @P2 AND T_00."WERKS" = @P3 AND T_00."LGORT" = @P4 AND

T_00."LIFNR" = @P5 AND T_00."BWART" = @P6 AND T_01."BUDAT" BETWEEN @P7 AND @P8

/* R3:ZEXCISE:201 T:MSEG 66882061616*/

With regards,

V.shunmga Sundaram

Former Member
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