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Crystal Reports Authentication for reports


For a while now I have been trying to get my head around how Crystal Reports handles authentication for report refreshing and am wondering if anyone can provide a simple explanantion of how it is done?

For all our reports we run them against SQL databases. I design the reports through Crystal Reports XI which is installed on my PC. I create an ODBC connection to the SQL database and use SQL authentication and use the SQL SA username and password.

When I run the report it then always prompts me for the database name and credentials even though I have set the datasource location to use the ODBC connection that I created (which also includes the credentials).

The only way that I can get it to run the report without it prompting me for this information is to type nothing in the username and password boxes and tick the trusted connection box. When I do this each time I open the report and hit F5 it runs the report without asking for credentials etc.

The end users run the reports from Infoview and in the database tab for each report it is set for "Use original database logon information from the report". This allows the users to run the report without it prompting them for any credentials. I think I also had to create the same ODBC connection on the server on which Crystal Reports server is installed.

With the above in mind can anyone explain what authentication processes are happening? If I have to set the option for trusted connection does that mean it is using my windows username and password for authentication against the SQL database? How are the users able to run the reports from infoview without it prompting them for credentials.

Hope this makes sense and I just want to understand how authentication works in Crystal Reports and Crystal Reports Server.


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