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SRM Vendor Replication Doubt

Dear SRM Experts,

My colleagues and me are facing some problems in an SRM project.

Itu2019s about the supplier replication between the ERP and the SRM system. I understand that the standard functionality says that the supplier replication goes from ERP to SRM (not the other way around), please correct me if Iu2019m wrong.

The problem in this project is that they want to have bidders that are not yet vendors in ERP system. So when a bidder wins the bid, it would be replicated to the ERP system as a vendor. They donu2019t want to create all the bidders in SRM as vendors in ERP, because they donu2019t become vendors until they win a bidding process.

This means that the bidder would be created in SRM and then replicated to the ERP system but not in every case, just when it wins a bid process. According to your experience how do customers solve this problem?

In our case the customer have decided to create the bidders in SRM and once they win the bidding process replicate them as vendors from SRM to ECC using a customer development, they will use this Z also to add customer fields to the standard screen. We would like to know what´s your opinion about this option.

We have thought that maybe we can use different account groups to manage the suppliers that are only bidders and the suppliers that are suppliers, but we are not sure about the issues this option could cause.

Thanks a lot for your time !

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