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params for getlist Bapi Wrapper.....

Hi! I want to know if the following scenario is

feasible.This has already been discussed in the forum but

I could not understand it fully...

My scenario is as follows.

There is one Student table(studentID is the Primary

Key) who opted for a Particular Course(course ID)..

Now in the GetList BapiWrapper I want to get the student

records who opted for a particular Course ID.This course

ID I want to give in the import Parameters of the GetList.

Ie the GetList Bapi Wrapper will be like this.

select * from student where courseID = <value>

Now I want to pass this value of the courseID( which is

the import Param of the GetList) from the application.

Application I mean from the client..Is there a way to

pass the import param of the GetList Bapi Wrapper using

some API. I want to know whether it is feasible or not.

I dont know if this is realizable or may be

illogical,but I want to understand...

Thank you.....

Former Member

Hi Veerabhadram,

<<Can I directly use the addRowinDB method of smartSyncDBAcess class.>>

Sure , you can use this standard method for inserting values in to the header instance of the syncbo.


I instantiated this class in the doInitilize method of the main controller class and used the addRowinDB method of this class.Iam not able to create the new header item this way


Here you dont have to explicitly initialize the object of SmartSyncDBAccess. The instance of this class is automatically get created within the <b>instance(String syncBo)</b> method of the TableContentProvider.

We can see the method call(instance(String syncBo)) method call (of TCT) within the main controller .

Just check the <b>private String showSyncBoNames() {}</b> method in the main Controller. Within this ,they are creating an instance of the TCP and hence the instance of SmartSyncDBAccess..

You can call the method of the SmartSyncDBAccess through a method in the TCP. So u only have to create a method in the TCP which have the parameters (SyncBO anme and the values to be inserted in to the header)...

During particular event , u have to call , u have to capture the values from the request object within the controller . then pass these values (to be inserted) to the method of the TCP.. dont ahve to directly call the method of the SmartSyncDBAccess from the controller itself..

<<<Input type="create">false</Input>


This i dont know exactly . i also have the same doubt...

You can refer these forums ..

i have already given some code tempaltes for creating , modifying nd getting values of the SyncBo instances in these forums...

Actually in the standard methods which are in the generated code , they have not handled some null pointer exceptions... In these code templates i have handled those exceptions .. use those methods ...

go through these forums....

Insert TOP header in SyncBO S01

Regarding modifying Sync BO

Insert 2 Row (related on the same TopRow) in a syncbo

Order child + item structure in a SyncBo


Kishor Gopinathan

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