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MS Word in WD

Dear sirs,

I would like to ask you about the options of MS Word integration into a WD.

I have searched before asking, of course but have not found any options list any direct list of steps or something like that. I am aware there is a Office container or something but would like to get the whole picture.

When I need to flush some content into a MS Word, how can I do that?

a) can i use OLE throught WD? I think not, is that so?

b) when I create a Word as a XML file (you know that XML approach, right?), how can I return this "text" into a WD so the web browser appears if I want to open the file od save to drive (open, save, cancel dialog).

c) anything important left? Some direct WD + Office API to create a document from scratch? to create a document based on some template (like OAOR or something)?

Lets say I have a template which I can fill with data through ABAP and want to display the file. Next I expect the user will add some content. How can I return the result file back to the backend? I would like to save the file into the CS/ GOS or something.

I know how can I create the whole scenario with Adobe Forms, but the users just MUST have it done in Word. I hope anybody who knows adobe forms can understand my problem? (I can generate the PDF, use GETPDF and then send the binary data into a WD to display that, I need the same for Word... and back I can get the filled file from WD as a binary data and save it to GOS, same for Word needed).

Thank you all for your time and effort,

regards Otto


> can do it the same way with the Adobe form so I thought it might be possible to do that with Word?

It doesn't work exactly like adobe. There is a dataSource property but that is type XSTRING. This UI element expects the entire Word Document in this property. Adobe is more sophisticated in that you can bind to a context and then in turn bind attributes of that context to individual fields. With OfficeControl you have to pass the entire completed document. It is best to use the XML format of Word. This way you can parse in dynamic data by putting it into the XML file. You can in turn extract data during the onSave or onClose event. The OfficeControl still has better integration than just the upload/download since it removes these steps from the user. However data popuplation or extraction would require the same effort in both approaches.

There are examples in the Package SIOS.

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