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Create a new assignment block

Hello everyone,

I am new in the topic SAP CRM Web Client and I have to create a new assignment block for the accounts site.

In this assignment block you should see the last ten orders of the account. I already have the code to get the data from the tables. But I have no idea how to show this in a new assignment block. Can anybody help me, please? Or do you know a good document, where the process is described?

I have the book SAP CRM Web Client Customizing and Development. So I've understood the basics. But it was not really helpful for my project.

So help me, please.

Thanks and regards,


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Former Member replied


Assignment block is nothing but a view. So you need to create one view with view type as Table view. Columns of the table would be the value attributes of the view. Write the population logic in ON_NEW_FOCUS method of the CNxx class associated with the view you created.

You can refer following code to get the TABLE View populated -->

data: lr_wrapper type ref to cl_bsp_wd_collection_wrapper, " BP collection wrapper

lr_entity type ref to if_bol_bo_property_access, " wrapper entity

lv_bp_nr type string, " BP (business partner) number as string

lv_partner type bu_partner, " BP number in correct format (for RFC call)

ls_smof_erpsh type smof_erpsh, " structure of the RFC destination

lr_col type ref to if_bol_bo_col, " collection to fill node ZBP_FAVS

lr_valuenode type ref to cl_bsp_wd_value_node, " value nodes to fill a collection

lr_tabline type ref to zbp_favs_s, " table line reference to fill value node

lt_favs type zbp_favs_tab, " local table with data from ERP-table ZBP_FAVS

ls_favs type zbp_favs_s. " local structure of table above

  • get partner entity and partner number


lr_entity ?= focus_bo.

catch cx_sy_move_cast_error.



lv_bp_nr = lr_entity->get_property_as_string( 'BP_NUMBER' ).

if lv_bp_nr is initial. " no partner...

return. "...return without selection


  • get RFC destination of ERP system, if needed

if ZL_ZBP_FAVS_ZBPFAVORITES_IMPL=>gv_destination is initial.

call function 'CRM_GET_ERP_SYSTEM'

  • exporting

  • iv_rfcdest =

  • iv_siteid =


es_smof_erpsh = ls_smof_erpsh.

if sy-subrc = 0 and ls_smof_erpsh-rfcdest is not initial.

ZL_ZBP_CUCL_ZCURRENCYCLAU_IMPL=>gv_destination = ls_smof_erpsh-rfcdest.



  • get favorite things for partner

lv_partner = lv_bp_nr. " call RFC function in ERP system

call function 'Z_CRM_GET_FAVS_FOR_BP'

destination ZL_ZBP_CUCL_ZCURRENCYCLAU_IMPL=>gv_destination


iv_partner = lv_partner


et_favs = lt_favs


others = 4.

if sy-subrc <> 0.

" should never happen


  • create collection object to transfer data

create object lr_col



  • loop through all found data...

loop at lt_favs into ls_favs.

"...create line object

create data lr_tabline.

"...create value object with current line for colleciton

create object lr_valuenode


iv_data_ref = lr_tabline.

"...set current line data

lr_valuenode->set_properties( ls_favs ).

"...add current line to collection

lr_col->add( lr_valuenode ).


  • set collection

me->set_collection( lr_col ).

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