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"Log On" screen with new token

Hello, I have an ASP.NET app which is opening a separate report window (IE browser instance). Each time I open this window to generate/view a report, I call CreateLogonTokenEx() to get a new token to pass to BOE.

Is this the correct method?

If so, then here's the problem I'm seeing. The first time I open the window I get the BO "Log On" screen. If I close the window and then click my report link again (and remember each click generates a new token), the report window opens again and successfully displays my report.

After this window successfully displays I close it, then wait the duration of the token's session (validMinutes) and try clicking the report link again. I again get the "Log On" screen, which I can then close and reopen successfully with another click in the same sequence I described above.

If I'm generating a new token with every report click (and I verified this), then why do I get prompted with the "Log On" screen? And why does it go away with the next new token and click but not with the first?

So the first question is: why do I get prompted the first time I generate a new token in a new session?

The second is: why is it that once I've viewed the report on the second attempt, and the token validity has passed, the next report request results in a login prompt, despite the fact that I'm generating a new token for each request? In other words, why does one token's timeout seem to affect another's?

I feel like there's something fundamental I'm missing here. To me, a new session token means a new session unaffected by any other, but I'm being prompted on its first use.

Any ideas? I wonder if I'm doing something incorrectly, but I can't figure out what that would be.

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