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UPoad lgoo using RSTXLMDC ERROR showing TIFF format error: No baseline TIFF


I am geeting the below problem while uploading a tif format file using RSTXLDMC

Load File


The file contains 13.930 bytes

This is a TIFF file with INTEL byte order

First IFD offset: 13.744

Reading IFD from offset 13.744 Number of Tags 15

ImageWidth: 559

ImageLength: 279

BitsPerSample levels: 1

BitsPerSample - level 1: 8

BitsPerSample - level 2: 0

BitsPerSample - level 3: 0

Compression: 5

Photometric Interpretation: 3

Number of StripOffsets: 14

SamplesPerPixel: 1

RowsPerStrip: 21

Number of StripByteCounts: 14

XResolution: 96 /

YResolution: 96 /

ResolutionUnit: 2

ColorMap size: 256

TIFF format error: No baseline TIFF 6.0 file

and I am not expecting the below code

How to Upload graphics (IMAGE) to your Sapscript?

Command in your Sapscript


These are the steps to be followed for uploading graphics in R/3 system

1. First save the file as BMP

2. Open the BMP file in IMaging (Goto -> Programs -> Accessories -> Imaging) and

make it Zoom as 100% and save as *.TIFF

3. Open SE38 and execute program RSTXLDMC

4. Give your TIFF file path name

5. Select Bcol (for Color)

6. TEXT ID will be ZHEX-MACRO-*.

7. Inplace of * write your own logo name (ZCOMPANYLOGO)

8. Execute the program

9. Now Goto SE71 create your ZFORM

10. Create logo window

11. Goto text element of logo window

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