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BRARCHIVE stage copy (ftp) ERROR

Dear All,

We are recently facing a typical BRARCHIVE error, where we are moving the generated offline redo logs using FTP to a different central server & backup to tape will be taken from the same. But from a few days we are facing a error as shown below


BR0018I Waiting for the next offline redo log file...

BR0280I BRARCHIVE time stamp: 2010-04-10 01.41.13

BR0012I 1 next offline redo log file found for processing, size 48.361 MB

BR0202I Saving E:\oracle\ERD\oraarch\ERDARCHARC00420_0708032176.001

BR0203I to /Developmentserver/ERD/ERDARCHARC00420_0708032176.001 ...

#ARCHIVE.. E:\oracle\ERD\oraarch\ERDARCHARC00420_0708032176.001

#SAVED.... /Developmentserver/ERD/ERDARCHARC00420_0708032176.001 #1/8

BR0278E Command output of 'D:\usr\sap\ERD\SYS\exe\uc\NTAMD64\sapftp.exe -v -n -i -u E:\oracle\ERD\saparch\.aecysxkn.ftp -c rmdir /Developmentserver/ERD/.ERDARCHARC00420_0708032176.001':

Connected to Port 21.

220 Microsoft FTP Service

331 Password required for saparch.

230 User saparch logged in.

550 /Developmentserver/ERD/.ERDARCHARC00420_0708032176.001: The system cannot find the file specified.

550 /Developmentserver/ERD/.ERDARCHARC00420_0708032176.001: The system cannot find the file specified.


BR0280I BRARCHIVE time stamp: 2010-04-10 01.43.59

BR0279E Return code from 'D:\usr\sap\ERD\SYS\exe\uc\NTAMD64\sapftp.exe -v -n -i -u E:\oracle\ERD\saparch\.aecysxkn.ftp -c rmdir /Developmentserver/ERD/.ERDARCHARC00420_0708032176.001': 0

BR0016I 7 offline redo log files processed, total size 341.445 MB

BR0007I End of offline redo log processing: aecysxkn.svd 2010-04-10 01.43.59

BR0280I BRARCHIVE time stamp: 2010-04-10 01.44.00

BR0005I BRARCHIVE terminated with errors


as per above error, at first the redo log file is getting saved, but not able to find the same at the central (target) archive log server. we referred to the BR errors Notes & others in market place & browsed a lot on the topic, but nothing was related & helpful to solve.

Our environment is Win 2003/Oralce/ECC6.0

Suggestions are welcome & Please advice



Former Member
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