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How to successfully implement 0CA_IS_TS_1 and 0CA_TS_IS_2

I found this post: Since I had many issues with these extractors and there have been many posts out there in regards to issues with them; here is a quick how-to with SDN using 3.5 and ECC 5.0 (if you are on an earlier version of R/3, then there may be specific notes that you may need to apply, but there are many posts on them) First you need to decide what the need at your client is for these CATS Time Sheet extractors are. Do you need both or are you really just interested in approved entries/changed on approval entries? At my client, it was just approved entries and I will speak mainly to that extractor (0CA_TS_IS_1). The biggest problem that I see people having is that after this extractor is activated, etc...RSA3 is not returning all of the 30/50 entries that exist in the CATSDB table. Well, the biggest thing you need to concentrate on here is the reporting time types. This is configuration that is done within the R/3 environment within the IMG (tranx SPRO, then click on IMG). Within here click on the following path: Integration with Other SAP Components -> Data Transfer to the SAP Business Information Warehouse -> Settings for Application-Specific DataSources (PI) -> Human Resources -> Actual Employee Times OHR_PT_02 -> Define Reporting Time Types. Within this section you will be a little overwhelmed and may need some HR functional team help. You are mainly going to want to concentrate on 'Maintain Reporting Time Types section'. When entering here, you will have the option (be many standard SAP default entries) to add your own Absence/Attendance and or Wage types. You can find the different types within table T554S. This is where you have to define each of the absence/attendance types and/or the wage types for them to successfully extract in the extractor. Please see functional team for help here. After this is done, test the RSA3 extractor again and it should pull all the records that you are concerned about from the CATSDB table. After this is done, you probably are interested in pulling extra fields such as AWART or others in the CATSDB table. Here you are to use the delivered BADI definition CATSBW_CUST_ISOURCE. SAP delivers a SAP implementation of this definition called SAP_DEFAULT, which you should make inactive and create your own version in order to change the underlying methods of the BADI. Within the interface tab of the active implementation that you just created, you will be interested in 3 of them (SET_OFFSET, POSTPROCESSING & DETERMINE_GRBIW); there are others but these are the ones that I saw change was needed. In the offset one, change this to 0; I feel this is the best and most successful one. In Postprocessing is where you put your code to populate your appended fields (you can code just like cmod but it is simpler and you don't have to use those loops for E_T_DATA). In the Determine_GRBIW, I removed the code of return value of 01 because I did not want to restrict this. This ties back to the first column of the reporting time types that you just defined. After you activate this, unhide necessary fields in the structure and rerun in RSA3. You should be ok with everything and can bring over into BW. How this extractor works is it reads a table called cats_bw_time and it looks at this to find approved records that have been cancelled recently and creates 60 entries (with negative 30 entry amounts for that same counter entry of the original 30); so when it comes over to BW, the cube does will negate each other out since processing status and counter are not part of the cube. This is a very quick summary but everyone should be able to find a solution from here. Please contact me if you have further questions via this thread.


But when I try to make the changes described it says it is a "core mod". My main issue is that not every record is coming over when I extract. It seems like random records are coming over. For a particluar date I expected 20 records...but only 2 came over.


Has anyone else had trouble with this? I am also on ECC 6.0.

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