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Bug only in PRD, fine in QAS & DEV


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Hi all,

we are stuck here with a difficult issue.

In our business, a user creates an Engineering Change Order (ECO) through a ztcode. A workflow is then triggered which takes care of mails to be sent to the respective users for approvals. Once all the approvals are there. The workflow changes the satus code of the ECO as needed. (This can be checked through a zreport and CC03).

Once all the approvals are there, 4 things need to happen.

1. The ECO status changes from 6 to 7 (Final).

In the next step, 3 things are happening.

2. A txt file gets created on a UNIX server with the ECO data.

3. The long text field of CC03 has the ECO data appended to it.

4. The ECO data gets deleted from SAP.( I think this data is stored in Z tables to begin with so they are cleared)

Our issue is in some cases, everything works, in some cases, 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or all or any fail.

The failing so far has been random, we couldnt establish any pattern for failing.

In DEV and QAS, it is working absolutely fine. In PRD however it is a concern.

To begin with, this is the code for the status updation, the code is written in Z- FM and is called in a backgroud task in the workflow. This FM is called repeatedly in the workflow 7 to 8 times.

Its function in brief is, we pass a status code(1 to 10) then we get the associated text for that status code.

We then update the 'change master' AENR-AENST (table-field) with this text.

The FM works fine when called the first 6 times. When it is called in the seventh instance, i.e, PAENST = 7.

We believe the UPDATE statment on AENR fails. This is reflected in CC03.

The status doesnt change to 7, stays at 6.

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