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lot of Redo log wait

Dear all,

In st04 I see Redo log wait is this a problem. Please suggest how to solve it

Please find the details.

Size (kB) 14,352

Entries 42,123,046

Allocation retries 9,103

Alloc fault rate(%) 0.0

Redo log wait (s) 486

Log files (in use) 8 ( 8 )

DB_INST_ID Instance ID 1

DB_INSTANCE DB instance name prd

DB_NODE Database node A

DB_RELEASE Database release

DB_SYS_TIMESTAMP Day, Time 06.04.2010 13:07:10

DB_SYSDATE DB System date 20100406

DB_SYSTIME DB System time 130710

DB_STARTUP_TIMESTAMP Start up at 22.03.2010 03:51:02

DB_STARTDATE DB Startup date 20100322

DB_STARTTIME DB Startup time 35102

DB_ELAPSED Seconds since start 1329368

DB_SNAPDIFF Sec. btw. snapshots 1329368

DATABUFFERSIZE Size (kB) 3784704

DBUFF_QUALITY Quality (%) 96.3

DBUFF_LOGREADS Logical reads 5615573538

DBUFF_PHYSREADS Physical reads 207302988

DBUFF_PHYSWRITES Physical writes 7613263

DBUFF_BUSYWAITS Buffer busy waits 878188

DBUFF_WAITTIME Buffer wait time (s) 3583

SHPL_SIZE Size (kB) 1261568

SHPL_CAQUAL DD-cache Quality (%) 95.1

SHPL_GETRATIO SQL area getratio(%) 98.4

SHPL_PINRATIO SQL area pinratio(%) 99.9

SHPL_RELOADSPINS SQLA.Reloads/pins(%) 0.0042

LGBF_SIZE Size (kB) 14352

LGBF_ENTRIES Entries 42123046

LGBF_ALLORETR Allocation retries 9103

LGBF_ALLOFRAT Alloc fault rate(%) 0

LGBF_REDLGWT Redo log wait (s) 486


LGBF_LOGFUSE Log files (in use) 8

CLL_USERCALLS User calls 171977181

CLL_USERCOMM User commits 1113161

CLL_USERROLLB User rollbacks 34886

CLL_RECURSIVE Recursive calls 36654755

CLL_PARSECNT Parse count 10131732

CLL_USR_PER_RCCLL User/recursive calls 4.7

CLL_RDS_PER_UCLL Log.Reads/User Calls 32.7

TIMS_BUSYWT Busy wait time (s) 389991

TIMS_CPUTIME CPU time session (s) 134540

TIMS_TIM_PER_UCLL Time/User call (ms) 3

TIMS_SESS_BUSY Sessions busy (%) 0.94

TIMS_CPUUSAGE CPU usage (%) 2.53


RDLG_WRITES Redo writes 1472363

RDLG_OSBLCKWRT OS blocks written 54971892

RDLG_LTCHTIM Latching time (s) 19

RDLG_WRTTIM Redo write time (s) 2376

RDLG_MBWRITTEN MB written 25627

TABSF_SHTABSCAN Short table scans 12046230

TABSF_LGTABSCAN Long table scans 6059

TABSF_FBYROWID Table fetch by rowid 1479714431

TABSF_FBYCONTROW Fetch by contin. row 2266031

SORT_MEMORY Sorts (memory) 3236898

SORT_DISK Sorts (disk) 89

SORT_ROWS Sorts (rows) 5772889843

SORT_WAEXOPT WA exec. optim. mode 1791746

SORT_WAEXONEP WA exec. one pass m. 93

SORT_WAEXMULTP WA exec. multipass m 0

IEFF_SOFTPARSE Soft parse ratio 0.9921

IEFF_INMEM_SORT In-memory sort ratio 1

IEFF_PARSTOEXEC Parse to exec. ratio 0.9385

IEFF_PARSCPUTOTOT Parse CPU to Total 0.9948

IEFF_PTCPU_PTELPS PTime CPU / PT elps. 0.1175



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