Call Transaction from Excel VBA macro and download ALV list object results

I have a situation that must be very common u2013 but I canu2019t find any clear information on how to get it done!

We frequently run SAP transactions, download the results (orders or inventory) into Excel, do some calculations and create a spreadsheet report.

I would like to automate this process using Excel VBA so that a macro will perform these steps:

1. Run our custom SAP report "YSD033" that summarizes orders using the previous day as the [From Date] parameter. (The user already has an active ECC 6 R3 session running.) If possible, can the TC be run using a specific variant "G111BIZ" ?

2. Download the list object that appears in an ALV grid as a table to an empty spreadsheet in the active workbook (export XXL list object)

3. Save the resulting workbook and close Excel.

Should the solution use u201Ccall transactionu201D or a GuiXT script?

Any help would be much appreciated, and some sample VBA code would be great!



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