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SAP 8.8 over the internet

Hi experts,

I have a SAP Server in a LAN. The LAN is connected to the internet through a router doing NAT.

I would like to access my B1 Server over the internet and so i do the following steps:

-) Mapped the server Ports 30000, 30001, 1433 on the corresponding ports of the public ip

-) Verified the above ports are opened

I cannot reach the licence server, so I installed a network packet sniffer and I understand the problem.

The client/server handshake was the following:

1) Client do a request on <server-public-ip>:30000

2) Server responds

3) Client do a request on <server-private-ip>:30000

Point 3) is the problem because obviously a remote computer cannot reach the private Server IP Address.

So the problem seems to be that B1Licence Server send to the client it's private IP address (the only address it can know), for the subsequent transmissions.

Does anyone installed with success a SAP Client in a machine remotely connected over the internet to a natted SAP Server (without Remote Desktop or similar) ?

I think a VPN can be a solution but I will preferr an easier way, if it exist.

Thanks in Advance


Former Member replied

Hi Marco

1,2,3,4 / I see that you have a license server LOCAL also ? This configuration is not covered by the workaround. (Not used)

>USE WINDOWSSERVERNAME in your client-SAPB1 8.8 installation, when the popup comes : supply liccense server name

I mean, that first time you start your 8.8 client, after setup, it might (if not found) popup a box : supply liccense server name.

There you add WINDOWSSERVERNAME which you added in your LOCAL/host. Nothing else.

If the same name is used on the server license manager, this should work. Otherwise, read below :

Other :

>In tests I described in my first post, I already tried to put public IP server address in c:windowssystem32driveretchosts,

Did you PIING ? Successfully IPresolve ?

>USE WINDOWSSERVERNAME in your client-SAPB1 8.8 installation, when the popup comes : supply liccense server name.

You dont say anything about what you used, but i am quite sure, that the important thing is above : Do NOT use anything else

than that name fore reference from SAPclient OR License server . (Dont use IP, FQDNS etc.)

>3) client issues a request to the server private ip address,

I guess , that the Lic server PREFERS to use its own WINDOWSSERVERNAME if it can ( So - The licenserver itself also has to be set for that name ! No IP ! )

>, i will consider to buy a SAP Licence

I dont think there is a difference between 05 and 07. But create licenses for the system you choose to test.

Login to the License-portal (where you create you licensefiles) , create a new license for 2 PRO users. I am not sure, but if you "over-use" your ammount , we normally gets 1months licenses...and a lot of RED TEXT in the mail from SAP....;-) (This step takes 5 minutes when you know how.) When you finnished testing, just go back and DELETE the system you created for testing. I do believe (<>know) there is a difference between unlicensed systems and licensed - after all - it is a license manager.

Have to go, will checkup your anservs in the week

Göte Haluza

PS We have had NO setbacks with any of solutions above. They both work, tested by several employees DS

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