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GRC-IDM Integration: missing web-service?

Hi Experts,

I have been loading the GRC provisioning framework for SAP Netweaver IDM, as well as the VDS configuration file (in the templates available, I used SAP Netweaver > GRC Access Control 5.3 SP2). The integration is working fine and IDM is correctly communicating with CUP (I can create requests through IDM, and once the request is approved in CUP, the status is updated in IDM).

However, in IDM when the GRC Provisioning framework gets a status "OK" from CUP, it triggers another task called "read provisioning log" (I am assuming that this is to retrieve the list of approved roles from CUP). This request gives me a fata error:

uLDAPGetEntry got exception
javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: [LDAP: error code 32 -
Couldn't perform DN to Data source mapping]; remaining name '

After some investigations, I noticed that the GRC repository has a constant for the provisioning log web service called VDS2GRC_BRANCH_PROVISIONINGLOG (also described in the GRC integration configuration guide). Default value is ou=provisioninglog. When looking at the VDS, there is NO virtual tree for ou=provisioninglog ... so I am assuming this is the reason why the task fails.

Does anybody went through this already? Is there a procedure for creating this missing VDS entry or does VDS 7.1 SP3 solves this issue? FYI, I am using Netweaver IDM 7.1 SP2 with the same version of the VDS. The GRC provisioning framework is the one currently available on SDN.

Any idea would be appreciated!

Kind regards,


Former Member
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