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Inventory Management (Advanced - Marker update)

I have been following your discussion regarding Inventory Management and the use of 2LIS_03_BX and 2LIS_03_BF extractors, and I have also been studying the How to guide on Inventory Management.

I am currently only using 2LIS_03_BF with no data restriction in the setup-run or in the initialization. The stock balance is correctly even though I am not using 2LIS_03_BX (because the sum of all historical movements equals the current balance).

But I am facing performance problems because I am not using compression. I am considering 2 solutions:

<b>Solution A (the easy)</b>

1. Compression on all request (with marker update)

<b>Solution B (as suggested in the How-to-guide)</b>

1. Delete InfoCube data

2. Generate new balance with 2LIS_03_BX

3. Compression of 2LIS_03_BX (with marker update)

4. Reconstruct old 2LIS_03_BF requests from PSA

5. Compression of old 2LIS_03_BF requests (No maker update - because all these will new be considered historical in relation with the newly generated stock balance).

6. Future deltaloads from 2LIS_03_BF and compression (with marker update).

As I see both solutions will solve the problem but A is by far the easiest. I would like your opinion!

When you do the marker update during compression does it matter wether you do it as described in the how-to-guide I can you do it as follows instead:

1. Compression of Historical Movements (2LIS_03_BF) (with marker update)

2. Compression of Stock balance (2LIS_03_BX) (No marker update)

3. Compression of Future Movements (2LIS_03_BF) (with marker update)

As I see the only important thing is that you do the marker update with <i>either</i>Historical Movements (2LIS_03_BF) <i>or </i>Stock balance (2LIS_03_BX), but not both of them or none of them. I am not 100% sure but please give me your opinion.

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