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QM project implementation question.

Hello Sujit/Gajaesh/and other QM guru....

I am wondering if you can direct me about what kind QM implementation questions that I should ask the user during a QM implementation project.

I hope your years of QM experience and knowledge can englighten me.

Kindly please list out for me or show me in which website that I can get those kind of question as I cannot seem to get the question on google.

thanks and appreciate a millions



Dear Karen

Please find some standard question. you may filter it out and use it


1.1 Quality Inspectors

1.1.1 How many quality inspectors are there on each site?

1.1.2 Is there a quality inspection hierarchy I.e. in a lab/testing environment there is a Quality inspection clerk and a quality inspection supervisor?

1.1.3 If there is a hierarchy, what tasks are allocated to which level and why?

2 Master Data

2.1 QM General - Inspection Plan

2.1.1 Give an example for an inspection plan that you currently use and explain which critical data it contains.

2.1.2 Do you have valid inspection descriptions and operations for each individual material or for all materials? (Are certain materials assigned the same inspection operations) Describe them.

2.2 QM General - Work Centres

2.2.1 Do you have multiple inspection locations (work centers) per plant? Describe these locations, and identify how they are different. ferences.

2.2.2 Are inspectors assigned to a definite work center?

2.2.3 Will approval procedures comply to the work center or operation? Describe this in detail.

2.3 QM General - Inspection Characteristic/Master Inspection Characteristic

2.3.1 Do you want to use qualitative and/or qualitative master inspection characteristics?

2.3.2 How do you want to classify the master inspection characteristics?

2.4 QM General - Material Specification

2.4.0 (Information) You need a material specification to transfer quality inspection data to batch management. The specification completes the inspection plan or replaces it entirely, if detailed instructions are not required. (Information)

2.4.1 Will you use material specifications as inspection criteria for your material?

2.4.2 Will you transfer inspection data to the batch? If yes, to which characteristics does this apply?

2.5 QM General - Inspection Method

2.5.1 Will you maintain instructions for the inspection of characteristics? How are these currently stored?

2.6 QM General - Catalog

2.6.1 For which data are defects/results recorded for each catalog?âu20AC¦(list of reason codes why something is defective)

2.6 QM General - Sampling Scheme

2.6.1 Do you want to use special sampling schemes to calculate sample sizes?

2.7 QM General - Sampling Procedure

2.7.1 How are the sample quantities to be calculated and what criteria are to be used?

2.8 QM General - Dynamic modification Rule

2.8.1 Will you define the inspection scope based on quality (this means for example, will you check processes with a consistently low quality more regularly than those pro cesses, which constantly improve in quality)? Describe the procedure.

2.9 QM General - Sample-Drawing Procedure

2.9.1 How do you want to calculate the sample size?

2.10 QM General - QM Order

2.10.1 In which plants should quality costs be determined?

2.11 QM in Materials Management - Quality Info Record

2.11.1 Do you expect quality certificates (for example, plant certificates or analysis certificates) from your suppliers before or during material shipping? Describe which document types you need and give examples.

2.12 QM in Production - Routing (overlap with PP)

2.12.1 For which business processes do you require routings?

2.13 QM in Sales and Distribution - QM control in Sales

2.13.1 Will you manage quality management documents (customer agreements about quality assurance and technical terms of delivery)? Give an example.

3 Business Processes

3.1 QM in MM - Procurement and Purchasing - Quality Info Record Processing

3.1.1 "Do you not want to have any inspections for some vendor/material combinations?

Inspection control in the quality info record."

3.1.2 "Do you want source inspections instead of goods receipt inspections for certain material/vendor combinations?

Vendor source inspection in the info record."

3.1.3 "Do you use quality assurance agreements that are specific to a material or vendor?

Creation of quality assurance agreement in the quality info record."

3.1.4 Will you block an incoming invoice until the quality inspection has been successfully completed or if the lot is rejected for payment? (Note: The block can be manually removed if required).

3.1.5 Will you pre-approve a vendor sample prior to releasing the delivery? Please describe the procedure.

3.1.6 Do you have model or preliminary series inspections etc?

3.2 QM in MM - Procurement and Purchasing - Vendor Evaluation

3.2.1 How do you currently evaluate vendors in your legacy system? Explain in detail.

3.2.2 "According to which criteria are your vendors valuated with regard to QM?

Goods receipt inspection, complaint against a vendor, audit etc."

3.2.3 Which subcriteria do you use for the quality score in the vendor evaluation and how are these weighted with regard to the quality score?

3.2.4 "How is the quality score calculated with regard to the above criteria?

Quality score procedure"

3.2.5 In which periods of time are vendors evaluated?

3.3 QM in MM - Procurement and Purchasing - Editing of QM documents

3.3.1 "Do you use quality assurance agreements, which should be printed on purchasing documents (for example, a purchase order or request for quotation)?

Material-vendor link Document Management System"

3.3.2 "Do you use technical terms of delivery at material level, which should also be printed on the purchase order?

You can also store this information in the purchase order text. Document Management System"

3.4 QM in MM - Procurement and Purchasing - Processing of certificate Receipt

3.4.1 Which consequences should a missing certificate from a vendor have?

3.4.2 "Is there to be only one certificate for each goods receipt item?

Settings in the certificate type."

3.5 QM in MM - Quality Inspection in MM - Inspection Lot Creation

3.5.1 "How should inspection lots for goods receipts be created?

With or without reference to purchase order; automatic / manual dynamic modification, skip lot"

3.5.2 Should the goods receipt be posted to inspection stock?

3.5.3 "In which circumstances should only one inspection lot be created?

Summary of material document items."

3.5.4 "Do you work with inspection plans? Describe their structure and contents?

Transfer of legacy data"

3.5.5 "Describe the inspection instructions and specification, as well as all other documents relevant to the quality inspection.

Flag for print control in Customizing for the inspection type."

3.5.6 Will you perform source inspections for your procured material? Please describe the procedure.

3.5.7 If yes, what event will trigger a source inspection?

3.5.8 How will inspections be scheduled?

3.5.9 Should this material be re-inspected during the next goods receipt after a successful source inspection?

3.5.10 What effects will a source inspection have on the subsequent goods receipt for the inspected material?

3.5.11 Will you process recurring inspections for materials? (Note: This is only possible for batch-managed materials). Provide examples.

3.6 QM in MM - Quality Inspection in MM - Sample Calculation and Sample Management

3.6.1 Are release or approval procedures set for the sample-drawing?

3.6.2 Should digital signature be used during sample-drawing?

3.6.3 Do you want to create sample labels? If so, describe the layout, size and content as well as the location/printer at/on which they are to be created.

3.6.4 "Should physical samples be stored and checked for a specified period of time?

Storage locations and duration."

3.6.5 "Will you define procedures for physical-sample drawing based on different inspection procedures?

Inspection planning"

3.6.6 In addition to planned physical samples, will you manually create physical samples for an inspection lot?

3.6.7 What is to trigger the manual creation of physical samples?

3.6.8 "Describe the inspection instructions and specification, as well as all other documents relevant to the quality inspection.

Flag for print control in Customizing for the inspection type."

3.6.9 "Describe the type of intervals, at which you want to inspect (time-based, quantity-based or freely defined?).

Inspection point reference in results recording (routing header and operation detail level)."

3.6.10 "Is the sample-drawing instruction and/or inspection instruction to be printed? Describe the content and the layout (barcoding).

Definition of SAPscript forms / layouts."

3.6.11 "Will you plan a sufficient number of physical samples for several inspections/inspection characteristics?

Note the partial lot assignment in the sample-drawing procedure and in the details for the inspection characteristics in the task list."

3.8 QM in MM - Quality Inspection in MM - Results recording

3.8.1 "Will you perform defects recording in addition to or as an alternative to results recording by inspection characteristics?

See also the following process ""Defects recording""."

3.8.2 Do you want to use calculated characteristics?

3.8.3 Should unplanned, conditional or calculated characteristics be used?

3.8.4 How are inspection results to be valuated (for example, by comparing values to tolerance ranges, number of noncomforming units, manually or automatically, with valuation rules or user settings?).

3.8.5 Does the recording of specific results automatically create a defect and quality notification? Is a workflow be triggered? Provide an example.

3.8.6 "Describe the different authorization levels for inspectors.

Definition of activity groups."

3.8.7 "Will you use digital signatures to authenticate the user's identity during results recording? ndustries.)

Note: The requirement applies primarily to the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors."

3.8.8 Should inspection results be printed? If so, at what stage and on which printer?

3.8.9 Give examples of typical inspection instructions that you use in your company

3.8.10 Should a quality notification be created and sent to the appropriate party based on an inspection? If so, which party?

3.8.11 Is there to be only one quality notification or are more quality notifications allowed?

3.8.12 "Do you want user-specific worklists with automatic, dynamic display?

For example: Have the system make the date settings (current date plus x days, minus y days and so on). This also applies to other selection fields."

3.8.13 "Will you use control charts to evaluate inspection results?

Level, material, lot, characteristic, work center etc."

3.8.14 Will you record the costs for the quality inspection? If yes, will it be recorded by an annual order for each material or by separate orders for each material?

3.8.15 Will you create internal QM orders to record inspection costs for all materials/inspection lots for a given period (general QM order)?

3.8.16 Will you record and evaluate inspection costs for individual inspection lots (individual QM orders)?

3.8.17 Will you use standard cost records for each type of inspection activity? Which activity types or rates are used?

3.8.18 Will you define and confirm the actual inspection time for each inspection operation?

3.8.19 "What type of inspection activities (for example, machine, labor) are to be recorded in your inspection process?

Activity types for appraisal costs."

3.8.20 Describe how and when you want to settle quality costs (assign the calculated costs from the QM order to another cost center).

3.8.21 How frequently will you perform settlement?

3.8.22 "Do you want to trigger the workflow if the control limits are exceeded (creation of a defect record)?

Creation of a quality notification from the valuation of the results."

3.8.23 "Do you want a simple recording of defects (that is an inspection without inspection plan)?

Defects recording for the inspection lot."

3.8.24 Will you record results for inspection points during the production process?

3.8.25 Which type of interval (time-related, quantity-related, or freely defined) will you use to perform inspections?

3.8.26 "Should results for electrical test equipment be automatically copied?


3.8.27 Should inspection results be evaluated within the SAP System or using another system (for example, a special statistics program)?

3.8.28 "Should times for inspection operations be confirmed?

Reference to QM order master data"

3.8.29 Should inspection results be recorded at operation level for the worklist for partial lots or physical samples, or for inspection points?

3.9 QM in MM - Quality Inspection in MM - Defects Recording

3.9.1 "Will you perform defects recording in addition to or as an alternative to results recording by inspection characteristics?

See also the following process ""Defects recording""."

3.9.2 Will you use defect codes and code groups to catalog and determine defects? Describe the current structure of the defect codes.

3.9.3 "Describe how you classify defects (for example, major defect or minor defect).

Defect class"

3.9.4 "Do you want to trigger a follow-up activity (Workflow) for specific defect classes, to document the processing of defects?

Activation of a quality notification (table TQ17)."

3.9.5 Are the defects relevant for the calculation of the quality score?


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