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The Proposal exit is not executed at all ...

Hello again,

After my problem of checking the data entries (that could do the job with my 4 messages ... but that is not clean ...), I need to offer some right combinations to my end users.

So, they try to add new combinations within my web interface, and I refuse help to the Check Exit if the combinations are not right.

Now, I try to use the Proposal Exit, but I am facing a strange problem. It seems this function is not called at all (however, it is well customized at the planning area level). I just coded en error message to see what would happen, and nothing happened (after a simulation of wrong data entry of course). I get only my (4) errror message(s).

I kept on trusting it would work, and I read all the previous topics, and here is my abap result :

DATA : etk_row LIKE upc_ys_api_row OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE,

etk_row2 LIKE upc_ys_api_row OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE,

soursyst type RSSOURSYSID,

ls_chasel type upc_ys_chasel,

ls_charng type upc_ys_charng,

lrs_chas type ref to data.

  • data containers for possible combinations

FIELD-SYMBOLS : <ls_chas>,




  • Execution of the layout containing the good combinations



i_area = 'ZHRADMS1'

i_plevel = 'PL102'

i_package = '0-ADHOC'

i_layout = 'MP202'

i_read_only = 'X'


etk_row = etk_row.

  • Result re-organization

etk_row2[] = etk_row[].

delete : etk_row where chanm ne '0JOB',

etk_row2 where chanm ne '0EMPLSGROUP'.

  • Reading of the compouding field 0SOURSYSTEM

read table : ito_chasel into ls_chasel with key chanm = '0SOURSYSTEM',

ls_chasel-t_charng into ls_charng index 1.

move ls_charng-low to soursyst.

  • filling the table with the result of the layout

refresh eth_chas.

create data lrs_chas like line of eth_chas.

assign lrs_chas->* to <ls_chas>.

assign component : '0JOB' of structure <ls_chas> to <fonction>,

'0EMPLSGROUP' of structure <ls_chas> to <statut>,

'0SOURSYSTEM' of structure <ls_chas> to <SOURSYSTEM>.

loop at etk_row.

loop at etk_row2 where row = etk_row-row.

move : etk_row-CHAVLEXT to <fonction>,

etk_row2-CHAVLEXT to <statut>,

soursyst to <SOURSYSTEM>.

insert <ls_chas> into table eth_chas.



As you could see, I have 0SOURSYSTEM as a compounding field (for each characteristic, like if they had planned a Master Data Management problem for one day).

What is wrong please? The problem is that I have never coded a proposal exit before, and I even do not know what should be the result... A pop up with the possible entries? As many lines of messages? A dropdown box?

Best regards,


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