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How to refresh an ALV (CL_SALV_TABLE) after a parallel process

Hello all,

I have created a list using CL_SALV_TABLE. When you click on a line, a new mode must be opened. There, the user will fill in some data that must be retrieved and shown in the main list when the user closes the new mode. To do so Iu2019ve used u201CCALL FUNCTION func STARTING NEW TASK task CALLING meth ON END OF TASKu201D statement.

Iu2019ve tried to refresh the list within meth (called on end of task) but it doesn't work. I've also tried to get all the data again, but it prompts a short dump, set a new ok code using method cl_gui_cfw=>set_new_ok_code, even a WAIT until process is finished (not valid because I need process 1 active all the timeu2026)

SAP help says u201CThe SET USER-COMMAND u2018OKCDu2019 statement replaces the REFRESH SCREEN commandu201D

CALL FUNCTION 'function'
    STARTING NEW TASK w_taskname
    PERFORMING end_of_creation ON END OF TASK
       i_zzta         = ztztl_zzta
       i_manual_order = space
       communication_failure = 1 MESSAGE w_msg
       system_failure        = 2 MESSAGE w_msg.


FORM end_of_creation USING p_taskname.

        e_zzta         = ztztl_zzta
        communication_failure = 1 MESSAGE w_msg
        system_failure        = 2 MESSAGE w_msg.

  [Modify list]


 CASE sy-ucomm.
    WHEN 'OKCD'.  
	Perform get_data.  

How can I have the same behaviour when using CL_SALV_TABLE??

Thanks in advance!

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