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Issues regarding to ALV List report

Hi All,

I have few issues related to <b>ALV</b> List report.

My Main Internal table that i pass to <b>REUSE_ALV_LIST_DISPLAY</b> declared as below:

<b>TYPES: BEGIN OF t_alv_output,

kostl TYPE csks-kostl, "Cost Center

verak TYPE csks-verak, "Person Responsible

ktext TYPE cskt-ktext, "General Name

gjahr1 TYPE coss-gjahr, "Date

type(10) TYPE c,

value01(19) TYPE c,

value02(19) TYPE c,

value03(19) TYPE c,

value04(19) TYPE c,

value05(19) TYPE c,

value06(19) TYPE c,

value07(19) TYPE c,

value08(19) TYPE c,

value09(19) TYPE c,

value10(19) TYPE c,

value11(19) TYPE c,

value12(19) TYPE c,

value13(19) TYPE c,

END OF t_alv_output.

i_alv_output TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF t_alv_output INITIAL SIZE 0.</b>

In the above table <b>Value01 to Value13</b> i decalred as Type <b>C length 19.</b>

The values i am populating into that internal table are of following type:

<b>1. l_meg001 LIKE coss-wtg001, so on to

l_meg012 LIKE coss-wtg012.

2. l_wtg001 LIKE coss-wtg001, so on to

l_wtg012 LIKE coss-wtg012.

3. l_imeg001 LIKE coss-wtg001, so on to

l_imeg012 LIKE coss-wtg012</b>

<b>where COSS-WTG001 to 12 are of type CURR(15,2).</b>

So after populating i am getting all the entries into output of <b>ALV list</b> correctly.

But when USER downloads that report into Excel sheet As <b>PIVOT TABLE [CTRLSHIFTF7]</b> he is saying that he is able to download the values correctly but because the values are of Text[C Type] Type he is not able to SUM some values directly. he have to do some modifications then only he was able to <b>SUM</b> up. It is not summing up entire column but summing some columns.

I had tried to change the Type of value fields in I.Table but not working.

What is the solution for this issue.

Can anybody help me in this regard.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks & Regards,


Former Member
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