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Recovery SAP Database from brtools ...

Hi gurus, I have a problem with my SAP system, database no startup, I have two SAP backups made from DB13, when I try to restore with option "whole database reset" from brtools, show me an error:

BR0701I BRRECOVER 7.00 (18)

BR0705I Start of database recovery: vebhjttl.drs 2009-08-21 23.50.45

BR0101I Parameters

Name Value

oracle_sid DES

oracle_home E:\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_1

oracle_profile E:\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_1\database\initDES.ora

sapdata_home E:\oracle\DES

sap_profile E:\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_1\database\

recov_type reset

recov_copy_dir E:\oracle\DES\sapbackup

recov_interval 30

scroll_lines 20

backup_dev_type disk

system_info desadm SELCOSAP2 Windows 5.2 Build 3790 Service Pack 2 Intel

oracle_info DES

make_info NTintel OCI_10201_SHARE Oct 27 2006

command_line E:\usr\sap\DES\SYS\exe\uc\NTI386\brrecover.exe -p -t reset -i 30 -s 20 -l E -U

BR0280I BRRECOVER time stamp: 2009-08-21 23.50.45

BR0707I Recovery of database: DES

BR0708I BRRECOVER action ID: vebhjttl

BR0709I BRRECOVER function ID: drs

BR0710I Recovery type: reset

BR0280I BRRECOVER time stamp: 2009-08-21 23.50.45

BR0655I Control menu 109 - please decide how to proceed


Whole database reset main menu

1 = Select consistent database backup

2 * Check the status of database files

3 * Restore control files and redolog files

4 * Restore data files

5 * Restore and apply incremental backup

6 * Apply archivelog files

7 * Open database and post-processing

8 * Exit program

9 - Reset program status

Standard keys: c - cont, b - back, s - stop, r - refr, h - help


BR0662I Enter your choice:

BR0280I BRRECOVER time stamp: 2009-08-21 23.50.47

BR0663I Your choice: 'c'

BR0259I Program execution will be continued...

BR0699I Reading log file E:\oracle\DES\sapbackup\backDES.log ...

BR0730W No appropriate backup created since 2009-07-23 00.00.00 found in E:\oracle\DES\sapbackup\backDES.log

BR0417E No files found for restore/verification


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