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PO Output Type / Processing Routine Problem

Hello everyone,

I cannot seem to find any reference to the problem described below.

I have encountered a problem by migrating from SAPFM06P to SAPLMEDRUCK during an ECC 5.0 upgrade, at a client where I am under contract as an ABAP Developer.

Here is some background to the situation. The client is currently migrating from version 4.6C to 5.0 and thought it was a good idea to upgrade their purchase order messaging programs from the outdated SAPFM06P, which was utilized in version 3.x, to the newer program SAPLMEDRUCK implemented for use in version 4.6.

Specifically, Message Output (ME9F) controls the output of purchase order messages in foreground, when the purchase order message is saved and the "further Data option" of the PO message contains "requested processing" equal to the value of "send with application own transaction". This way, the actual messaging can be controlled in foreground and "breakpoints" can be set to display tables and fields. Behind the scenes, the message status program RSNAST00 is executed by ME9F program RM06ENDR_ALV. During this execution, it locates the message (NAST) record from the purchase order and the (TNAPR) configuration, which links the output type to the ABAP print program and SAPscript layout set. The specific problem is: in RSNAST00, the external call perform "PERFORM (TNAPR-RONAM) in PROGRAM (TNAPR-PGNAM) USING RETURNCODE US_SCREEN IF FOUND" does not pass NAST information to the called program (TNAPR-PGNAM). I know no NAST table information is passed because I set a break-point on the perform and single step to the print program. Therefore, the purchase order is unknown by the print program (TNAPR-PGNAM) and results in an error and no purchase order print is provided. Needless to say, this was tested with a new "Z" version of SAPLMEDRUCK. So, I changed the program name (output type processing routine) in configuration to SAPLMEDRUCK, but there again the NAST information is not passed to the print program from RSNAST00. Ironically, I reverted back to the older "z" version of SAPFM06P and NAST and TNAPR information is passed to the print program thru the external call perform quoted above. I prefer to not modify the SAP original code for RSNAST00, which is used in many other applications.

One other note, I had previously performed this maneuver on one different occasion with very successful results.

Has anyone ever encountered this problem in a 5.0 environment (running Windows NT and MSSQL and SAP BASIS 6.4).

I know this is long winded, but I wanted to explain the background of the entire situation.

Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance,

Former Member
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