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Transport Error while importing to QA system

Hi Freinds,

I requested the BASIS team to transport the 4 transport requests but out of them 3 are successfully imported but the the other one got followig errror.

<b>Error when activating element 41LVLQQ0RUSHS5KOLE26LB0V1

Element 41OQEC6I2AVOV07Q01OWY1925 is missing in version M

Element 41OQEXIMQF6KLM8M7K70VHONX is missing in version M </b>



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Former Member replied

hi Sudha,

normally this kind of error happened when you try to transport query with some dependant objects not included in the transport request, you can try to collect the objects with the query again and transport.

rsa1->transport connection->left panel 'object type', middle 'query element' and 'query', 'select object', locate your query and transfer. right panel, use collection mode 'manual' and grouping 'only necessary objects'.

following program (create with SE38) can be used to locate the missing elements.

hope this helps.


Tables: rszeltdir, "query element table

rszelttxt, "query element texts

rszcompdir, "global query elements

e071. "objects in transport requests


parameters: Req_id like e071-trkorr.

  • selection screen to input long ID 25 char generated name

select-options: long_ID for rszeltdir-eltuid.

*itab to hold related info

data: begin of i_query_desc occurs 0,

local, "Local to Query

eltuid like rszeltdir-eltuid, "25 char generated ID

compid like rszcompdir-compid, "technical name

deftp like rszeltdir-deftp, "element type

el_txt(16), "element type text

  • txtsh like rszelttxt-txtsh, "short text

txtlg like rszelttxt-txtlg, "long text

owner like rszcompdir-owner, "owner

end of i_query_desc.

data: xlocal.

sy-tvar0 = Req_id.

*find all query objects for transport request entered

select * from e071 where trkorr = req_id and

object = 'ELEM'.

  • add them to the select-options list

long_ID-low = e071-obj_name.

append long_ID.

clear long_ID.


*loop through select option table and find details of Query element

Loop at long_ID.

clear: i_query_desc,





select single * from rszeltdir where eltuid = long_ID-low and

objvers = 'A'.

if sy-subrc <> 0.

write: / long_ID-low, ' Query element not found.'.

write: / .


select single * from rszelttxt where eltuid = long_ID-low and

objvers = 'A'.

  • if sy-subrc <> 0.

  • write: / long_ID-low, ' not found in table RSZELTTXT.'.


select single * from rszcompdir where compuid = long_ID-low and

objvers = 'A'.

if sy-subrc <> 0.

  • write: / long_ID-low, ' not found in table RSZCOMPDIR.'.

xlocal = 'X'.


  • fill itab for list

i_query_desc-local = xlocal.

i_query_desc-eltuid = rszeltdir-eltuid. "25 char generated ID

i_query_desc-compid = rszcompdir-compid. "technical name

i_query_desc-deftp = rszeltdir-deftp. "element type

case i_query_desc-deftp.

when 'SEL'.

if xlocal = 'X'.

i_query_desc-el_txt = 'Selection'.


i_query_desc-el_txt = 'Restricted K/Fig'.


when 'REP'.

i_query_desc-el_txt = 'Query'.

when 'VAR'.

i_query_desc-el_txt = 'Variable'.

when 'STR'.

i_query_desc-el_txt = 'Structure'.

when 'CKF'.

i_query_desc-el_txt = 'Calculated K/Fig'.

when 'FML'.

i_query_desc-el_txt = 'Formula'.


  • i_query_desc-txtsh = rszelttxt-txtsh. "short text

i_query_desc-txtlg = rszelttxt-txtlg. "long text

i_query_desc-owner = rszcompdir-owner. "owner

append i_query_desc.

clear i_query_desc.

endloop. "@ long_ID

  • list results

sort i_query_desc by local deftp owner.

loop at i_query_desc.

write: / sy-vline,

i_query_desc-eltuid, sy-vline, "25 char generated ID

i_query_desc-compid , sy-vline, "technical name

i_query_desc-deftp , sy-vline, "element type

i_query_desc-el_txt, sy-vline, "element text

*write: / i_query_desc-txtsh , "short text

i_query_desc-txtlg(40) , sy-vline, "long text

i_query_desc-owner , sy-vline.

write: sy-uline .

endloop. "@ i_query_desc

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