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BPC doesn't post the result of calculation if target intersection is empty

Hi all!

I searched forum for my case but didn't find exactly i need.

Below is my case:

I have 2 source applications where users fill in templates their data. First App for production and losses data, second for sales and end stocks. Third destination App is for checking if users entered thier numbers correctly. To simplify the case all Apps have the same set of dimensions besides Accounts. Each of App has its own Account dimension.

Initially destination App is empty. I use DEFAULT.LFG in destination App and LOOKUP functionality. I run default logic as DTS package in Data Manager, prompting user to select Category, Entity and Time period.

BPC didn't calculate any values until i manually entered anything in target cell and sent value to server. Once i did it BPC began calculate result both then sending data and then running DTS package in Data Manager (i changed data in source Apps some times and calculated values were persistently correct). In my case i entered draft value in intersection with ACC_1 only and only this account became being calculated. Rest two stayed wrong. I guess it's until first manual data input in these accounts.

I suppose it's because initially there is no record for target Account (ACC_1, ACC_3, ACC_4) and even if there is non-zero result of calculation (i saw in log) the record was skipped (1 scanned records,1 skipped records,0 processed records,0 records generated in DTS log)

Guys, that's wrong i do and that's the solution?

Many thanks in advance,



*XDIM_MEMBERSET AccountsCheckBal = ACC_1, ACC_3, ACC_4

*LOOKUP ProductionData

*DIM prod_vol: AccountsProd="ACC2"

*DIM loss_vol: AccountsProd="ACC3"


*WHEN AccountsCheckBal

*IS "ACC_1"

*REC(expression = LOOKUP(prod_vol)-LOOKUP(loss_vol), NOADD)



*LOOKUP SalesAndStocksData

*DIM sold_vol: AccountsSales="ACC4"

*DIM stock_vol: AccountsSales="ACC5"


*WHEN AccountsCheckBal

*IS "ACC_3"

*REC(expression = LOOKUP(sold_vol), NOADD)

*IS "ACC_4"

*REC(expression = LOOKUP(stock_vol), NOADD)



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