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Wrong sequence of assignement of numbers to Invoice

Hi Gurus,

I have an issue with the invoice number range.

Today(13th July) I have created an invoice document and got the number as 9000001234.

and again immediately I have created another document and got the number as 9000001335.

Here the expected number is 9000001235 (the difference is 100 numbers).

I have checked what happened to 9000001235. to my surprise that was assigned to a document created yesterday(12th July).

I did not understood this peculiar behaviour of the system.

Please help me in this regard.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Former Member


There are a number of reasons why gaps in invoice numbers may occur:

1. Object RV_BELEG is buffered. In this case the performace is improved

but this gaps are produced.

2. Update terminate/shortdump occures while billing document update.

- the number is set in to the invoice at the beggining of the program

If an interruption of the process happens after the assignation of

this number, the number has run in the range and cannot be recovered.

Update terminations in transaction VF01 and VF04. The billing

document number is reserved prior to the update. After a possible

update termination, it cannot be used again. Update terminations are

displayed in transaction SM13. At present, there is no possible


3. Incorrect userexit, Program RV60AFZZ, USEREXIT_NUMBER_RANGE.

Please check the following notes in order to solve this incidence:

175047 Causes for FI document number gaps (RF_BELEG)

19050 Gaps in document number sequence for billing docmt

23835 Buffering RV_BELEG / Number assignment in SD

As you might need to answer to the auditor on the gap of the invoices,

report RFBNUM00 from note 175047 will help you to display

document number gaps to the auditor if in your country the FI document

numbers must be assigned continuously. You use this report to document

the number gaps and the auditor will accept it.

We know that in different countries you have to explain document gaps

to Legal Authorities. For this reason there is report RFVBER00 to

document gaps occured due to an update termination.

As I already stated above report RFVBER00 does only list update

terminations that are not older than 50 days (or according to what time

is maintained in your system). So it could be that this log has already

been cleaned up. It is necessary that these update terminations are

documented before the 50 days expire.

Or a second possibility is that the gaps occured NOT due to an update

termination. Gaps without update terminations be (easily) explained.

They can be (only) detected via report RFBNUM00. Report RFBNUM00 or RFBNUM00N display

these document number gaps for the number range object RF_BELEG.

This is an Expert Mr. Alex explanation of Missing no. range which is already in the forum, I reproduced it for you.

Hope this will clear your doubt.



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