SAP option not available under CMC Authentication


Similar to a lot of previous posts.....

I am unable to see the SAP option in the CMC under Authentication, but on the initial logon screen - it is available as an option here.

The architecture is as follows:

BOE XI 3.0 with fixpack 2

Netweaver 2004S SP19

JCO files v2.1.8 and 32-bit

1) I have followed Ingo's blog and checked that the sapjco.jar files are in the right locations - they are.

2) I have tried removing CMCApp, CMCApplications, InfoViewApp, InfoViewApplications, PartnerPlatformService and SAP from \Tomcat55\webapps and then re-started Tomcat - interestingly - all the folders appear except for SAP.

I therefore tried a repair for the toolkit - and the SAP folder appeared, but in the CMC - SAP was still not available.

I therefore did a complete re-install of the integration kit - the SAP folder is available, but in the CMC - SAP was still not available.

I tried the suggestion of ensuring the registry keys were removed prior to re-installing - but still the same outcome - no SAP in CMC

3) I un-installed BOE XI 3.0 and tried 3.1 - still the same error - so have gone back to 3.0

4) I have checked the web.xml files and they have the setting as they are supposed to. Have also checked the file and that is correct.

Any further suggestions please?