Use of special periods if SAP

Dear guruz,

Please help to get more information about posting in special periods (13-16) in SAP.

We have following situation:

After year end closing we need to audit our financial statements for external use (IFRS). As audit lasts several months I cannot afford to leave the balances of new year unuploaded. So I perform the balance carry forward procedure before the audit starts.

Now I'd like to add some corrections in audited reporting by use of special posting periods.

My questions are:

-does these postings, performed after balance carry forward procedure affect on accounts in future (is this possible to face with problems in the future); Do I have to repeat the balance carry forward procedure?

-is this possible to divide all the postings (for internal reporting and for audited reporting) to be able to see these balances in standard SAP reports (such as S_ALR_87012300 "GL account balances" and so on) with and without postings made by use of special periods in previous years.




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