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Genearate a Report for the following data

Hi All

The following is of my requirement

<b>Selection Screen Should be as follows:</b>

Plant (required) <b>QALS-WERK</b>

Storage Location <b>MCHB-LGORT</b>

Material Number <b>QALS-MATNR</b>

Batch Number <b> MCHB-MATNR</b>

MRP Controller <b>MARC-DISPO</b>

Inspection Lot Number <b>QALS-PRUEFLOS</b>

Inspection Lot Creation Date <b>QALS-ENSTEHDAT</b>

Inspection Lot Origin <b>QALS-HERKUNFT</b>

PO Number <b>QALS-EBELN</b>

Vendor # <b>EKKO-LIFNR</b>

Goods Receipt Date <b>MKPR-BUDAT</b>

Delivery Number <b>QALS-KTEXTLOS</b>

Marked in House Date

Sterile Load # <b>ZC012-STBAT</b>

Supplying Plant <b>EKKO-RESWK</b>

Profit Center <b>QALS-PRCTR</b>

<b>Radio Buttons for Selection Screen:</b>

• Show all stock (not just Q stock)

• Show only past due stock (GR Date + GR processing time > today)

• Include Serial Numbers

<b>Fields for report:</b>

Plant <b>QALS-WERK</b>


Delivery/Production Order # <b>QALS-KTEXTLOS</b>

Sterile Load # <b>ZC013-STTYP</b>

Inspection Lot Number <b>QALS-PRUEFLOS</b>

Material <b>QALS-MATNR</b>

Old Material <b>MARA-BISMT</b>

Serial #s (all serial #s with material <b>ITOB-SERNR</b>

batch combination)

Batch <b>QALS-CHARG</b>

Sloc (all SLOCs with Q status items) <b>MCHB-LGORT</b>

Batch Exp Date <b>DFBATCH-MHD_IO</b>

Quantity (in each SLOC) <b>MCHB-CINSM</b>

Profit Center <b>QALS-PRCTR</b>

Date Marked In House <b>ZTMODE-TDATE</b>


Expected GR Processing Time <b>MARC-WEBAZ</b>

Date Moved to NCMR <b>MKPF-BLDAT</b>

Days in House System date – ZTMODE-TDATE

Days in QI System date - <b>QALS-ENSTEHDAT</b>


Days in NCMR System date - <b>MKPF-BLDAT</b>

MRP Controller <b>MARC-DISPO</b>

MRP Controller Name <b>T024D-DSNAM</b>

Standard Cost <b>MBEW-STPRS</b>

Extended Standard Cost <b>MCHB-CINSM * MBEW-STPRS</b>

How we can develop a report for the above, because they havn't given any conditional checking. Supress if any Ztables used.

i would appreciate if you can send an earliest reply and reward points for the same.

if any queries just reply me i can clarify.



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