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Import parameter formatting for BAPI


I am using BAPI_SALESORDER_GETLIST to get the sales orders.

When i hardcode the values as follows, it works

importParams.put("CUSTOMER_NUMBER", "0000001000");


Now i have a screen to capture the input and passes it to the importParams. But no result comes out.

JSP Code:

<hbj:textView id="c1" text= "customer" />

<hbj:inputField id="customer" type="string" maxlength="100" />

<hbj:textView id="c2" text= "sales Organization" />

<hbj:inputField id="sales" type="string" maxlength="100" />

<hbj:button id="oKbutton"






<% myFormId.setDefaultButton(oKbutton); %>


OnClick Code:

public void onMyClick(Event event) throws PageException {

Component c = this.getComponentByName("customer");

if ( c instanceof InputField )

customerNo = ((InputField) c).getString().toString();

Component d = this.getComponentByName("sales");

if ( d instanceof InputField )

salesOrg = ((InputField) d).getString().toString();


Assignment Code:

I have declared them as Strings at the Top

String customerNo = "";

String salesOrg = "";

importParams.put("CUSTOMER_NUMBER", customerNo.trim() );

importParams.put("SALES_ORGANIZATION", salesOrg.trim());


Now even if i type "0000001000" and "1000" as values in the input field, there is no result.

I debugged the onClick event and confirmed that the values are being passed from the first page properly as STRINGS. Both these paramters are strings. So i maintained the leading ZEROS.

Any Help would be appreciated.


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