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memlimits output


When i give memlimits command from the sidadm id, i am getting the following output:

SAP R/3 address space configuration test tool V3.2 (98/01/14)


Restart, set early swap allocation (PSALLOC=early)

SAP R/3 address space configuration test tool V3.2 (98/01/14)


Check the maximum data size per process (malloc)

Check the available swap space (malloc in several processes)

Process 1859680 allocating ... Size = 4096MB Total: 4096MB

Upper size limit 4096 reached. Finish checking

<u><i><b>Total available swap space = 4096MB</b></i></u>Check the maximum size of mapped file (mmap anonymous,dev/zero)

Check protection operations on this area (protect)

Trying to mmap 512MB ... successfull

Trying to mmap 768MB ... successfull

Trying to mmap 1024MB ... successfull

Trying to mmap 1280MB ... successfull

Trying to mmap 1536MB ... successfull

Trying to mmap 1792MB ... successfull

Trying to mmap 2048MB ... successfull

Trying to mmap 2304MB ... successfull

Trying to mmap 2560MB ... successfull

Trying to mmap 2816MB ... successfull

Trying to mmap 3072MB ... successfull

Trying to mmap 3328MB ... successfull

Trying to mmap 3584MB ... successfull

Trying to mmap 3840MB ... successfull

Trying to mmap 4096MB ... successfull

Upper size limit 4096 reached. Finish checking

Trying to mprotect 4096MB ... successfull

Maximum mapped file size: 4096MB

Maximum mprotect size: 4096MB

<u><i><b>R/3 parameter em/initial_size_MB up to 4096 permitted</b></i></u>

Check the maximum address space per process usable

both by process local memory and mapped file

Maximum address space ( mmap(4096 MB)+ malloc(1676MB) ): 5772MB




Maximum heap size per process........: 4096 MB

measurement limited to 4096 MB

this value is probably limited by swap space

Maximum mapped file size (mmap)......: 4096 MB

measurement limited to 4096 MB

Maximum protectable size (mprotect)..: 4096 MB

measurement limited to 4096 MB

<u><i><b>em/initial_size_MB > 4096 MB will not work</b></i></u>

Maximum address space per process....: 5772 MB

Total available swap space...........: 4096 MB

measurement limited to 4096 MB

main memory size x 3 recommended , minimum 1 GB

Check the ones in bold, the swap space in our system is 20GB, the inital size_MB value is 8192 and the blocksize_kb is also 8192. Still the message seems to be like that, what is reason behind this ?

Ours is AIX 64bit and NW04 (R/3 is ECC 5.0)


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Former Member replied

Dear Aravind,

on AIX, when ES/TABLE=SHM_SEGS is set, then em/initial_size_MB has no meaning at all. memlimits tests this because on other UNIX OS, em/initial_size_MB will determine the amount of EM and this will have to be in one shared memory segement. However, on AIX, memory consumption is normally different, set by the ES/* parameters. The upper limit is given by EM/TOTAL_SIZE_MB. The size of a single used shared memory segment will be given by ES/SHM_SEG_SIZE which gives the size in MB. If this were set too high, there would be a bunch or errors.



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