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Search Help or Input Field in ALV Grid

Hi ABAP Gurus,

I am developing an application for Form Tracking.

Requirement:-I have four tables MSEG(table1),LFA1(table2), third is my Ztable1 and fourth is Ztable2.

Firstly I want to show some fields from MSEG like MBLNR, MATNR, DMBTR, MENGE, LIFNR(with their Description so that's why I use table2 LFA1) and from my Ztable1 I want to show two fields F1, F2 but these two fields should be search help. And this search help should come from my Ztable1 in which I assigned say 3 types of Forms to particular Vendor.



HR38I 301 3910 0,00 305 325

HR38I 301 1000 0,00 101 105

HR38O 301 3910 0,00 201 210

Output (In ALV Grid Display): -


450056 Rice 3910 Xyz & co 25000 S. Help S. Help

450056 Paddy 3910 Xyz & co 25413 S. Help S. Help

450058 Machine 1000 Abc & co 45056 S. Help S. Help

Note:- FRMTY Search Help of 3910 Vendor should come from above table ZTable1 i.e. the parameters in search help are (HR38I, HR38O) based on party. Similarly Search Help for vendor-1000 the search help should be HR38I .

FRMNO search Help shows FRMNO for vendor-3910 starting from 305 to 325. i.e. thae parameters in search help are (305,306,307,308,…..,325,201,202,…..210)

Now I want to save this data not all fields but only few ones MBLNR, LIFNR, FRMTY, FRMNO in another Ztable2 and this data is already in internal table which is without header line.

Problems:- 1. To show interactive search help in ALV Grid or input field in ALV Grid.

2. How I move only (say) 4 fields from internal table which is having (say) 8 fields into another Ztable2. But to show data in ALV Grid I use Database View.

<b>NOTE:</b> Copy all this in MSWORD and then read

Deserve guru will be rewarded

thanks in advance.

Adams Paul.

Former Member
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