deleting table contents via SQL painfully slow


We are running SAP ECC on SUSE 9 Linux with Maxdb 7.6.6 - and

for the most part performance is not an issue.

I am trying to do a remote client copy which I am having problems with. It is taking forever to do the table coss .

in the target - the table has approxiametly 5,000,000 rows in the database, while the client target has at least 2,000,000+ rows.

By my rough calculations if I let the client copy do the delete ( before the insert ) it will take at least another two days just to delete the data.

I have tried to delete the contents directly via dbmcli as below

dbmcli on dec>sql_execute delete from sapdec.coss where mandt = '122'

but the session just times out after 60 minutes ( another issue ).

I am starting to look around the database but cannot see anything obivous.

Any suggestions of where to look would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance