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How do I read this "standard" table in my Function Module?

I have a remote-enable Function Module (RFC). I am receiving two tables as part of the parameters. Table "A" is header information, and Table "B" is detail information. So for every 1 "A" header record, I may have 1 to many "B" detail records. I have a field we'll call "vendor_number" that is the common link between the two tables.

Here's what I want to do: I want to loop through table "A", and for each record, I want to do a READ on table "B", using the "ref_doc_no" from "A" as my key, to get the position of the first matching record. I hold onto the value of the table index and then start looping table "B", adding 1 to the saved table index each time to process all of the detail records.

Here's the problem: This worked great as an ABAP program. I had my "B" table declared with "ref_doc_no" as a non-unique key. But when I ported my code over to the RFC, it told me that the RFC could only deal with standard tables. I had to remove the "ref_doc_no" key declaration. So now when I try to activate, I get an error similar to this:

The declaration for the key field "another_field" is incomplete; however, "another_field" is contained in the key of table "B" and must be filled.

I don't understand that. I've not declared any keys for table "B". I don't understand why it's thinking I need to populate "another_field" (I don't even know what the value would be). My code to read the table (i.e. the line getting the error) is this:

  • Priming read on table (sets the initial sy-tabix index value)

READ TABLE it_incoming_invoice_line_item "table 'B'

WITH TABLE KEY ref_doc_no =


INTO wa_incoming_invoice_line_item.

Is it possible for me to do some sort of direct read on a table in an RFC? The only alternative I can think of would be to have to loop through table "B" until I find the first occurrence of a match. Is that what I need to do?

Thanks everyone. Points, as always, awarded for helpful answers.

Former Member replied


In this case have you thought about using LOOP with WHERE clause.

Loop at TABLEB where ref_doc_no = TABLEA-ref_doc_no.


This will loop only through so many entries which satisfy the condition.



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