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Function Module IMPORT structures not recognized in form subroutines

Hello everyone,

Did some searching on SDN and didn't find the answer, so I apologize if this has been covered before.

Just finished my first Function Module. It's a remote-enabled (RFC) function that will be called by XI to do some processing. I have two components declared on the IMPORT tab, which we'll call "A" and "B". Both "A" and "B" are defined with a user type, each of which is a simple structure of 4-5 fields each. My Function Module also has two tables, and these are defined on the TABLES tab.

Here's my problem: When I do a syntax check, I get an error telling me that "A" and "B" are unknown. However, I only get this error where I reference "A" or "B" in the FORM subroutines I have declared at the end of my function.

I have my other data declarations defined globally in the "LZ...TOP" Include for my Function Module, so those don't pose a problem. But these are my Function Module parameters, so I can't go "declare" those as I already have them defined on the appropriate tabs.

Is there a way for me to get around this error and have them recognized globally, or do I have to resort to moving the values to some globally-declared "hold" field? I'm hesitant to have to add them as parameters passed into the FORM routines because I pretty much reference each of the fields within the structures for "A" and "B".

Thanks everyone. Points definitely awarded for helpful answers.


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