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Hi Guys

I am trying to use BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST for Asset posting in G/L Account.I need to use the because I want to check the import Data with BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_CHECK, coming in via Excel File.

I use the Bapi, but how should i fill the structures/ tables - any code lines ? See my example and my return table ...


BUS_ACT                           RFBU
USERNAME                       <user-name>
HEADER_TXT                     HEADER_TXT
COMP_CODE                     1000
DOC_DATE                        15.04.2009
PSTNG_DATE                    15.04.2009
FISC_YEAR                       2009
FIS_PERIOD                      04
DOC_TYPE                       KN
REF_DOC_NO                   REF_NR


ITEMNO_ACC                    0000000002
GL_ACCOUNT                   8800100
ITEM_TEXT                       Asset
ACCT_TYPE                     A
BUS_AREA                      1000
TAX_CODE                       N1
WBS_ELEMENT              2.023000001
ASSET_NO                     40000000
SUB_NUMBER                 0


ITEMNO_ACC                     0000000001
VENDOR_NO                     100004
GL_ACCOUNT                    44000100
ITEM_TEXT                        4441225511
W_TAX_CODE                     **


ITEMNO_ACC                     0000000002
CURRENCY_ISO                EUR
AMT_DOCCUR                   1.000,0000-

ITEMNO_ACC                     0000000001
CURRENCY_ISO                EUR
AMT_DOCCUR                   1.000,0000

Return Table :

E RW                 609 Error in document: BKPFF $ FQ1CLNT206
E AAPO             161 Accounting transaction category RFBURFBU000000000000 is not defined.
E AA                  326 Enter a transaction type
E CJ                   021 WBS element <<<PR23000001>>> does not exist

===> But the WBS ELEMENT exist. Also strange, if I run the bapi again in the se37 the error " WBS element does not exist" is gone.

Could you please help me !

Thanks a lot!!!!


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