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Taxonomy and the use of structures/subdirectories

I have created a taxonomy that contains a structure or subdirectories for which I applied query based rules against a set of predefined properties. The taxonomy and rules are working fine but when using a structured taxonomy can it do the following?

Document contains predefined properties 1, 2, and n

My structure is set up as such

level1 must have property 1


> level2 must have property 1 & 2


> level3 must have property 1, 3


>leveln -- This is where my document is showing up. must have property 1, 2, & n

When I apply the rules a document will only show up at the lowest level of the structure for which it meets the rules (in this example leveln). So even though my document contains the predefined properties necessary to satisfy level1, level2, and leveln it will only show up in leveln at which the highest possible rule set applies. How can I get it to show up in all the levels where it meets the criteria, in this example it should show up in 1, 2, and n but it only shows in n. This would act similar to guided navigation. So the top level would contain a very large number of files and it would slowly narrow as you got down further into the structure

If I flatten the structure out and have each rule set at at a top level the document will show up in all the specified folders but it does not give me the 'guided' navigation that I am looking for?

If anyone one has any suggestions I am open to trying different optios as well.

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