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Incorrect Call Dates on Plans based on Maintenance Strategy with Offsets

The problem: A plant has many of the same type of equipment that require the same preventive maintenance be done to them on different days of the week. We are trying to use a Maintenance Strategy with Offsets in conjunction with a Maintenance Strategy Plan that has multiple Maintenance Items. Everything seems to be working correctly accept for the Call Dates generated by IP10. It is only scheduling the call date correctly for the maintenance items based on the first offset. The Plan Dates all schedule correctly.

Maintenance Strategy Details:


Description Test for Multi-Equip Multi

Scheduling indicator Time

Strategy unit DAY

Call horizon 0 %

Shift Factor for Late Completion 100 %

Tolerance for Late Completion (%) 25 %

Shift Factor for Early Completion 100 %

Tolerance for Early Completion (%) 25 %

Factory Calendar ______

Maintenace Packages:

Pkg Cycle Maintenance Cycle Hier Offset

No Len Unit Cycle Text Short Txt Hier Text Offset Sh Txt










1 7 DAY Monday MO 1 1

2 7 DAY Tuesday TU 1 1 1 TU

3 7 DAY Wednesday WE 1 1 2 WE

4 7 DAY Thursday TH 1 1 3 TH

5 7 DAY Friday FR 1 1 4 FR

Maintenance Strategy Plan: Create a Strategy Plan based on this Strategy. Add three maintenance items. Accept all of the Scheduling parameters from the Maintenance Strategy. Set the scheduling period for at least 14 days.and the Start Of Ccyle to the previous Monday.

Task Lists: On each Maintenance Item create a separate GL Task List

1. Monday Task List

2. Tuesday Task List

3. Wednesday Task List

On the Monday Task List (single operation) we assigned it the Maintenance Package "Monday", The Tuesday Task List was assigned the Maintenance Package "Tuesday", The Wed... etc.

Schedule the Plan (IP10): When we schedule the Plan we get the following Plan Dates and incorrect Call Dates:

Call Due Scheduling

No Plan Date Call Date Packages Type/Status






1 4/14/2009 TU New Start Saved To Call

2 4/15/2009 4/14/2009 WE Scheduled Hold

3 4/20/2009 4/15/2009 MO Scheduled Hold

4 4/21/2009 4/20/2009 TU Scheduled Hold

5 4/22/2009 4/21/2009 WE Scheduled Hold

6 4/27/2009 4/22/2009 MO Scheduled Hold

7 4/28/2009 4/27/2009 TU Scheduled Hold

8 4/29/2009 4/28/2009 WE Scheduled Hold

Notice that the Calls based on the MO package (the package with no Offset) have the correct Call Date, while the Calls based on Packages with an Offset (TU & WE) always create a Call Date of 1 day proir to the Plan Date.

I have submitted this to SAP as an error, but they have referred me hear with no further explanation.

Any help would be kindly appreciated.

Paul Murray

Former Member
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