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OpenSQL exception with where xxx like 'xxx%'

Hello all,

i would write an Application for detailed Portal Activity Reporting. I build this method to connect the database

public ResultSet getResultSet(String sqlStatement) throws SQLException {		
DataSource dataSource= null;
ResultSet resultSet= null;
try {
InitialContext initialContext= new InitialContext();
dataSource= (DataSource) initialContext.lookup("jdbc/SAP/EP_PCD");
java.sql.Connection connection= dataSource.getConnection();
java.sql.Statement statement= connection.createStatement();
resultSet= statement.executeQuery(sqlStatement);
return resultSet;
} catch (NamingException e) {
return resultSet;

When i try to execute an SQL Statement with "where xxx like 'xxx%'" i get an exception.

In Details:

When i execute this statement it works as is should:

select * from WCR_USERSTAT where LOGONID like 'prefix%'

LogonId has the DB type nvarchar(255).

But this Statement gives me an Exception:

select * from WCR_WEBCONTENTSTAT where PCDURL like 'test%'

PCDURL has the type nvarchar(1024). The Exception says: The SQL statement "SELECT * FROM "WCR_WEBCONTENTSTAT" WHERE "PCDURL" LIKE 'test%'" contains the semantics error[s]: type check error: the expression >>"PCDURL"<< (LONGVARCHAR) is not comparable and must not be used with "LIKE"

Why can i use "like" in the first statement but not in the second? I see only the difference in the length of the field. Is there any restriction from SAP for nvarchar fields and like statements?

Any help is welcome.

Best regards,


Former Member
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