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What Are the Exact Basic rules for Replying a Thread...... -:) @};-

Hi Experts,

After Looking into the forums many days I had a small conclusion about forums,

SAP Forums are better place I have seen for getting a goo dhelp & Knowledge...

Why can't we make it a BEST Place.

This is just a small doubt which I would like to clear myself first,

I have seen many users In the forums asking for a Basic Questions

When cleared, But still they want to have a Spoon feeding with a Sample Code.

When Sample Code Given they will provide the original code and requests for Modifications.

These always looks to me as crazy.

I have seen somelong time agin by moderators posting that In SCN there will be no SPOON FEEDING.

I am not sure whether if still this Rule AVAILABLE or NOT.

Ok if the task is really difficult let them ask again and again,

And it was not replied, let them repost, I agree with them.

And How about a User Registered in SDN very long back and asking for a silly question in below thread,

[Sendin Email to the recipent list -Need correct FM |Getting the address from shipto partner of Bil. item not directly from]

This is one more example, really funny, The thread poster needs the solution at any cost, he doesn't require and Suggetions,,, {He Only needs Solution}

[Radio Buttons |Radio Buttons;

[Turning Off Debugger |Turning Off Debugger;

[Regarding Amount in words|Regarding Amount in words;

There are 100's of threads like this....Everyone knows this facts.

Check this who answered this one and who replied correct answer, who copied, finally who was rewarded...!

[how to validate POsting period |how to validate POsting period]

Now My Real Problem is....!

User is always intelligent, Only the weakness is in Contributor, trying to help them,..,

And I openly say that Someone requesting for basic help is not DUMB, But the Contributor replying forgets

the basic rules " Why Contributing ?"

According to me It's not the Requestor to see Rules & Requlations before posting the threads,

But its responsibilty for the Contributing person to see th Rules & Requlations before replying the threads,

If we follow the rules and stand on a single word or rule or anything there will be Good Result.

Major Problem is in US not anyone else.

Example Some one saying search in the forum,,, then please no replies after that...

But we are very pity hearted again we post the solution,,,

But it is not at all enough(for cintribtor's)... they will copy the solution and post again by slight Modifications,

And Some users are having 500,600,700,800 Posts with 0 points, registered long long back.

They are completly dependent on forums,,, As they goto office and as they eat, The same they open forums and ask Queries...

They will never realize what they are doing,, and we will never let them improve better...

Finally Lets Discuss About this and Correct & Suggest me if I am wrong,

Is my thoughts are going in the right way or not I am not even sure... Please Aslo Correct me if I did any mistakes.

Thanks & regards,

Dileep .C

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"What to do when someone asking for Basic Questions" to "What Are the Exact Basic rules for Replying a Threads...... "

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