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How to use Work Status to enhance security???

Dear all:

I researched many work status threads but am still a bit confused... Can someone please clarify my questions:

1. From my understand, the "Work Status" under Admin\Application folder controls whether submission or data package or journal entry is available (or locked). Is this correct?

2. Each Application's "Work Status Settings" is where I get really confused. What does Work State (Yes, No) do? What does "Member Validation" do? Can someone provide a simple example on how to assign the right Work State to the dimensions?

3. Is it possible to only open certain Category for data inputting? For instance, we have two budget cycles, 1st half and 2nd half of a year. As we proceed to 2nd half budgeting, can I lock the Category that represents the first half so my users can only write to 2nd half category but not first half? If so, how is this implemented?

Thank you so much! Have a great day!




Let me give this a try:

1. The work status at the application set layer in admin console sets the various sets the work states for the work status process. So, if you want more than what is provided, you may add additional check layers to the process, and impact the 6 functional areas by selecting the controlling feature or person to the process.

2. The work status settings, if enabled via the Admin Web console, control the activities; The dimension that has the Owner property and the other dimensions that are used for the status lock. The validation is a process that must be enabled. Here is where you can build a validation account and have the total add to zero in order to pass the validation at the intersection of the selected members for the work status. So if I have a validation account, and a check account as a child of validation, that looks for the net f zero for a BS, the Work Status cannot be locked until the balance is zero and passes validation.

3. For this exact process, the answer is NOPE. The best method is to have each pass of the budget or forcast, once completed, moved and locked in a category managed by security. That way, you always have a locked exact copy of the last iteration of the process. And it simplifies the template development to focus on 1 category as the main entry point for data. So if you finish a budgeta in catgeory Budget, lock the category; copy the results to another catgeory called , Budget1sthalf, then open the budget back up for the second pass. Dont worry so much about the 1st 6 months values, because you can place a process into effect at the customer to copy the LOCKED version of 6 months over to the INPROCESS version to keep the totality of the budget correct. This is in addition to locking the 6 months via formatting in EVDRE.

Hope this helps.

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