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Badi's problem

Hi Srini,

Thanks for reply.

Already i have some existing code to transfer data.

It's working on weekly basis on process chains,but it's taking long time to transfer data.

So i need to check that code and modify if possible.

Please assist me in that regarding...



Former Member
Former Member replied

Hi Chandu,

See my answers in BOLD.

METHOD if_ex_openhub_transform~transform .

DATA: l_s_data_in TYPE /bic/cyzocculus,

l_s_data_out TYPE /bic/czzocculus,

wa_zcontract TYPE /bic/pzcontract,

wa_bpartner TYPE /bi0/pbpartner,

lt_contract TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF /bic/pzcontract.

  • DATA: ztestflag(1) TYPE c.

SELECT * FROM /bic/pzcontract

INTO TABLE lt_contract

WHERE objvers = 'A'

AND /bic/zcontract BETWEEN '0000020000000' AND '0000039999999'.

SORT lt_contract BY /bic/zborrower.

CLEAR e_t_data_out.

<b>User Refresh, not clear, clear clears only header, refresh clears entire table. Check once.</b>

  • l_s_data_out-/BIC/ZCONTRACT = 'ACCOUNT'.

  • l_s_data_out-COMP_CODE = 'COCD'.

  • l_s_data_out-/BIC/ZBPNAME = 'NAME'.

  • l_s_data_out-/BIC/ZBR_OFFCE = 'BRCH'.

  • l_s_data_out-TXTSH = 'BRANCH NAME LON'.

  • l_s_data_out-TXTLG = 'BRANCH NAME SHORT'.

  • l_s_data_out-BPARTNER = 'BP'.

  • l_s_data_out-/BIC/ZFACILITY = 'FACILITY'.

  • l_s_data_out-/BIC/ZEND_TERM = 'TERM END'.

  • l_s_data_out-/BIC/ZLOPROCES = 'PI'.

  • l_s_data_out-/BIC/ZSTATUS = 'ST'.

LOOP AT i_t_data_in INTO l_s_data_in.

REPLACE ALL OCCURRENCES OF ';' IN l_s_data_in-txtlg WITH ','.

  • Initialise the Flag

  • ztestflag = 'N'.

  • SELECT * FROM /bic/pzcontract

  • INTO wa_zcontract

  • WHERE /bic/zborrower = l_s_data_in-bpartner

  • AND objvers = 'A'

  • AND /bic/zcontract BETWEEN '0000020000000' AND '0000039999999'.

LOOP AT lt_contract INTO wa_zcontract WHERE /bic/zborrower = l_s_data_in-bpartner.

l_s_data_out-bpartner = l_s_data_in-bpartner.

l_s_data_out-txtlg = l_s_data_in-txtlg.

  • MOVE-CORRESPONDING l_s_data_in TO l_s_data_out.

  • ztestflag = 'Y'.

  • This means that a contract was found

IF wa_zcontract-/bic/zcontract+5(1) = '2'.

l_s_data_out-/bic/zcontract = ''.

l_s_data_out-/bic/zfacility = wa_zcontract-/bic/zcontract.


l_s_data_out-/bic/zfacility = wa_zcontract-/bic/zfacility.

l_s_data_out-/bic/zcontract = wa_zcontract-/bic/zcontract.


l_s_data_out-/bic/zend_term = wa_zcontract-/bic/zend_term.

l_s_data_out-/bic/zloproces = wa_zcontract-/bic/zloproces.

l_s_data_out-/bic/zstatus = wa_zcontract-/bic/zstatus.

l_s_data_out-comp_code = wa_zcontract-comp_code.

INSERT l_s_data_out INTO TABLE e_t_data_out.

<b>Create one more internal table same as e_t_data_out and append all the data into that table & after loop insert into e_t_data_out.</b>



*Check that Flag is not switched on as it means that no contract was


  • IF ztestflag = 'N'.

IF sy-subrc NE 0.

CLEAR l_s_data_out.

l_s_data_out-bpartner = l_s_data_in-bpartner.

l_s_data_out-txtlg = l_s_data_in-txtlg.

  • MOVE-CORRESPONDING l_s_data_in TO l_s_data_out.

  • l_s_data_out-/bic/zfacility = ''.

  • l_s_data_out-/bic/zend_term = ''.

  • l_s_data_out-/bic/zloproces = ''.

  • l_s_data_out-/bic/zstatus = ''.

  • l_s_data_out-/bic/zcontract = ''.

  • l_s_data_out-comp_code = ''.

INSERT l_s_data_out INTO TABLE e_t_data_out.

<b>Here again you used the insert, it will add one more record. For example if you have 2 records in i_t_data_in table finally after these 2 insert statements it will be 4 records. Why cant you use Modify... and fill the blank fields in the row. I think You not generating data out of it. So it shold be 2 records only output.</b>



<b>Insert the contents of your new internal table into the e_t_data_out here finally.</b>


Hope this Helps


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