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what happen to julius thread in ABAP DEVELOPMENT?

<body><p><a class="jive_macro jive_macro_thread" href="" __jive_macro_name="thread" modifiedtitle="true" __default_attr="1081035"></a></p><p></p><p><strong>I would have suggesting some one to go through this threads once which is helpful but they are complainng back they are seeing the below stack....could any one repair this?</strong></p><p></p><p><strong>Welcome to the SDN ABAP Development Forums!</strong> In addition to release dependent information avalaible by: - pressing the F1 key on an ABAP statement, - or searching for them in transaction ABAPDOCU, - using the &#91;SDN ABAP Development Forum Search|;q=&amp;objid=c42&amp;daterange=all&amp;numresults=15&amp;rankby=10001&#93;, - the information accessible via the &#91;SDN ABAP Main Wiki|;, - the &#91;SAP Service Marketplace|; and see &#91;SAP Note 192194|; for search tips, - the 3 part &#91;How to write guru ABAP code series|; ... (use the search to easily find the other 2 documents...) ... this &quot;sticky post&quot; lists some threads from the ABAP forums as: - <strong>An introduction for new members / visitors on topics discussed in threads,</strong> - <strong>An introduction to how the forums are used and the quality expected,</strong> - <strong>A collection of some threads which provided usefull answers to questions which are frequently asked, and,</strong> - <strong>A collection of some memorable threads if you feel like reading some ABAP related material.</strong> The listed threads will be enhanced from time to time. Please feel welcome to post to &#91;this thread|<a class="jive_macro jive_macro_thread" href="" __jive_macro_name="thread" modifiedtitle="true" __default_attr="1070681"></a>; to suggest any additional inclusions. Note: When asking a question in the forum, please also provide sufficient information such that the question can be answered usefully, do not repeat interview-type questions, and once closed please indicate which solution was usefull - to help others who search for it. -</p><hr originalText="----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"/><p> <u><strong>ABAP General</strong></u> <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="988942"></span> => ABAP Char utilities, find and replace '##' on the application server. <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="995573"></span> => Do not ask simple interview questions without enough information, because &quot;it depends&quot;... <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="154762"></span> => Different ways to start the browser on a hyperlink. <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="164113"></span> => Icons on either side of the selection-screen. <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="1014628"></span> => Uploading an image to the MIME repository. <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="982050"></span> => Just as the subject title says... perhaps he read the forum rules before posting... <span __jive_emoticon_name="wink"></span> <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="992399"></span> => Usefull information about the impact of unicode conversions on ABAP. <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="214967"></span> => Input parameters with hidden visibility. <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="980887"></span> => How to find all character sub-strings in a string using ABAP Char utilities. <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="149467"></span> => Little tricks which become &#91;obsolete after a while| <b>[original link is broken]</b> <b>[original link is broken]</b> <b>[original link is broken]</b>; ... <span __jive_emoticon_name="happy"></span> <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="75471"></span> => Rich demonstrates IMPORT and EXPORT statements. <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="1196646"></span> => Obsolete functions are dead. Long live released APIs. <u><strong>ABAP Dictionary</strong></u> <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="1026786"></span> => Direct SAP table changes, internal only warnings, and other DDIC risks.... <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="53442"></span> => Dynamically assigning a DB table reference. <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="100902"></span> => What works and what not to access table clusters and pools. <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="977941"></span> => Convert SLIS to LVC, or <em>convert</em> DDIC standards. <u><strong>Form Printing</strong></u> <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="444277"></span> => Download Logo from SE78, except WS_DOWNLOAD has been replaced (see the docs). <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="164885"></span> => Validating the existence of a graphic from ABAP. <u><strong>UI Programming</strong></u> <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="284106"></span> => Hot-spot calls in OO ALV. Also see FM AUTHORITY_CHECK_TCODE. <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="173994"></span> => See Vijay's &#91;blog| <b>[original link is broken]</b> <b>[original link is broken]</b> <b>[original link is broken]</b>; on Logo and Top of page in OO ALV as well. <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="978043"></span> => Subtotals in ABAP List Viewer (ALV). <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="1019393"></span> => Note the comments about using the search... <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="134262"></span> => Using select-options in Module Pool programming. <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="1032767"></span> => Table refresh method vs. FREE and CLEAR. &#91;An Easy Reference for ALV Grid Control|; => A community article to get you started. <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="1006637"></span> => URL display using HTML Viewer. <u><strong>Enhancements and Modifications</strong></u> <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="483417"></span> => Views on the topic, and who's to blame for it... <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="944847"></span> => Advantages of using the Switch Framework. <u><strong>ABAP Performance and Tuning</strong></u> <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="744871"></span> => Gurus take over the discussion from <em>Guests</em> caught cheating the points-system. <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="944517"></span> => Initial questions often result in interesting follow-up discussions. <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="1090584"></span> => Including infos about system parameters for performance optimization. <span __default_attr="green" __jive_macro_name="color"><strong><em>New!</em></strong></span> <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="1143309"></span> => Usefull literature recommended by performance guru YukonKid. <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="919187"></span> => Performance legends unplugged... read the blogs as well. &#91;The ABAP Runtime Trace (SE30) - Quick and Easy| <b>[original link is broken]</b> <b>[original link is broken]</b> <b>[original link is broken]</b>; => New tricks in old tools. See other blogs by the same author as well. <u><strong>Data Transfers</strong></u> &#91;The Data Transfer Workbench|; => Documentation from &#91;; can cover many basic information needs. <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="15446"></span> => For better answers, please post clear questions with relevant code. <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="166845"></span> => Different types of BDC, or preferably a BAPI if available. <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="169961"></span> => An introduction to data migration projects. <u><strong>ABAP Objects</strong></u> <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="902060"></span> => Polymorphism adaptation with referencing the source, and a <em>Guest</em> who did not... <u><strong>ECATT</strong></u> &#91;eCATT - An Introduction (PART I)| <b>[original link is broken]</b> <b>[original link is broken]</b> <b>[original link is broken]</b>; => See the whole series of eCATT blogs by the same author. <u><strong>Other Links</strong></u> &#91;The Forum Rules|<em>of</em>Engagement&#93; <span __jive_macro_name="thread" id="397043"></span> -</p><hr originalText="--------------------------------------------------"/><p> Special thanks for contributing to this ABAP sticky thread go to: <span __jive_macro_name="user" id="3760266"></span> <span __jive_macro_name="user" id="3768607"></span> <span __jive_macro_name="user" id="275419"></span> <span __jive_macro_name="user" id="881880"></span> <span __jive_macro_name="user" id="3638940"></span> <span __jive_macro_name="user" id="3669542"></span></p></body>
Former Member replied

> seems its coming perfect now...but some threads are missing if i am not wrong but.......

The 8 sections are split into 8 threads, one for each forum in the category. The eCATT forum already had it's own "FAQ" thread which was much better than the one entry I had, so that one is gone.

> I feel that thread should be followed by our Jan Rules then later memorable discussions what you say Julius

Can you write this in ABAP and do a syntax check on it.
Then I can debug it to see what is going on?



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