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Pricing error


I am getting a error in pricing for a one condition type, which is configured as header as well as item level.The condition value is getting calculated twice (which should calculate one time only)

The Issue is below,

The main criterion is simple in that if the total value of the order received is below a certain value then a surchage will be applied. The complexity is that the Refinish materials is split into 2 plants, This warehouse split should be irrelevant to the charge made to the customer but during various tests the following happens

1. If the total order value is above the charge threshhold regardless of the value in each plant then no charge is applied.---- This is CORRECT.

2. If the both plants are below the charge threshold, the system generates 2 charges, one on each plant. --- This is INCORRECT.

it should only ever be applied to the first order. Surcharge should apply one time for the customer, not two times for same order as material is available at two different plants.

Thanks and regards,

Abhijit Dixit

+91 9820935468


First Solution---


Look into the pricing procedure-steps

Arrange it in the way that it vl caluculate one time. it is relevant to steps and forming ur condition types in pricing procedure.

Look into the pricing procedure;shuffle and create a transaction and have a look


Paresh Kolte

Dear Abhijit,

It looks like your problem can be solved by condition Supplement functionality.


e.g if PR00 is determined then supplement conditions will be determined, you can maintain the condition requirment for the amount with the help of ABAPer , to trigger the supplement condition ( Surcharge ) only if order value is not met.

2) regarding the surcharge being calculated two times , this may be happening because , you must have maintained conditon access dependant on Plant,

Instead of plant try to maintain Customer and Material only. that should determine that condition once only in pricing.

Hope solves your problem



The Issue in not solved----

Kindly check the querry as below........................

Thanks for the reply Paresh,

I have informed the solution to business but they are asking me to pick the condition record at plant level only.

In which surcharge should apply for one time only. They want to apply this surcharge for only this two plants( WF-- and VX--).

If we maintain the condition record at header level then it will calculate for only once regardless whichever is the plant,but business don't want that.

Is there any routine or user exit is available which can we apply at pricing procedure.

Or is there any solution which solves my issue.

Kindly suggest the solution asap

Thanks and regards,


Former Member
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