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Simple Insert SQL query


I'm new to B1 so please bear with me.

I downloaded the SDK hoping I could develop some simple CGI programs in Visual Basic (VB6). However I must have lost track somewhere but it seems I need to have Visual Studio .NET 2003 (but I don't). In other words, I don't know how to compile the VB "BasicOperations" examples (missing SAP B1 Objects Bridge API v. 6.5).

In short, can someone please give a quick tip on how I can make a simple VB6 program to perform SQL SAP B1 queries? (required software)

However, I would prefer not to use the SDK if possible. Right now I am using an Apache/PHP Linux web server as a front-end to our customers. From our web site, our clients can view and hopefully modify SAP B1 data. However, the PHP scripts only work on the MS-SQL database (SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT...). It worked fine until now: I now need the PHP script to INSERT new Service Call records. I've managed to do this by INSERTing into OSCL and OINS tables but both callID and insID won't "auto-increment" in the SAP client unless I change these indexes' properties to Identity = TRUE (1,1). Nevertheless, changing SAP B1 index properties may have unexpected consequences although I haven't noticed anything wrong with my backed up database. I haven't found any triggers related to these tables and I don't know how SAP manages these two indexes (callID and insID). Thus my will to try out the SDK and maybe insert records with B1 objects by creating simple VB6 cgi web programs (in turn called by PHP on the Linux server).

So basically my question is: how can I avoid changing the indexes' properties but still correctly insert new records into OSCL and OINS via direct MS-SQL queries?

Are there any alternatives such as setting up our SAP B1 as a SOAP server and using our Linux PHP as a SOAP client?

Sorry for the newbie questions and thank you for your time.


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