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Slow Performance of CR 11 R1 with .Net 1.1 / SQL Server

Hi all,

I have following problem:

unexpectedly one report became very slow - but only on some computers.

The report remains quick on other computers.

Other reports - also with input parameters - run normal.

I have found where this delay happens - this is a first call of a report.setParameter method.

The delay is between 40 und 80 seconds.

Does anybody have an idea what is wrong with my report or with those computers?

Any help will be valuable.

Thanks in advance.

Hier is a technical information:

VB.NET Winfroms Application

.NET Framework 1.1

Crystal Reports 11 Release 1

the report's data source is a MS SQL Server database table

Data Access driver is ODBC based on SQL Native Client.

The CR distribution package is about 3 years old. On two machines we have very good values on others is an extremely slow execution of reports.

Example (always the same report / same database / same CR runtime / same SQL Native Client version):

ColdStart means including first atart of the CR Runtime

Warm means that the runtime is already loaded

____________________ColdStart (in sec)_____Warmstart (in sec)

Machine 1:________________ 5________________ 3

Machine 2:________________90________________55

Machine 3:________________95________________60

Machine 1 has the Windows XP Prof SP2,machine 2 & 3 have the Windows XP Prof SP3.

- VB Net 1.1. SP1

- CR XI Rel 1

- SQL Server 2005 09.00.3042

- SQL Native Client 09.00.2040

The comparison with modules.exe brought no major differences. The mysterious waiting time of 40-60 sec at Machine 2 & 3 arises here:

31.03 02:19:38.0358 // StartPrint Button

31.03 02:19:39.2389 // Start Loading Crystal Report Viewer

31.03 02:19:39.3483 // Load and set some variables

... mysterious waiting time 40-60 sec, here only 38 sec ...

31.03 02:21:17.8802 // set the frist parameter with

31.03 02:21:17.8802 // set other parameters, overwriting dsn ...

31.03 02:21:19.9271 // End Loading the Crystal Reports Viewer / Visualization results

What could be the cause? We have this problem on the most computers.

We are really desperate. We can not continue. : (

With best regards


Former Member
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