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select field 'B' based on field 'A'


I have a report with selection screen. I want to display the list of possible entries for field 'B' as per the value in field 'A'.

I am doing this on event

<b>"Selection screen on value-request for <B></b>

using functional module


Everything is fine except one problem.

Let's take a example that screen has two fields


<b>parsmeters: p_vbeln like vbap-vbeln.</b>

"Sales order number


<b>parameters: p_posnr like vbap-posnr.</b>

"line item

Based on sales order number i have to show an popup with corresponding line item numbers. and i have coded this under,

<b>Selection screen on value-request for POSNR</b>

<u><b>Scenario 1:</b></u> i enter the sales order number in the field p_vbeln <b>and hit enter</b>

when i do F4 on p_posnr, it displays the popup with corresponding line items.

<b>This works fine</b>

<u><b>Scenario 2:</b></u> i just type in the sales order number and <b>do not hit enter or anything)</b>

Now if i do F4 on p_posnr, it doesn't display the line items, since there is not value populated in p_vbeln as entered it but did not press enter.

I hope i am making sense.

So, my problem is how display possible value for field 'B' if user type in the value in field 'A' but do not hit enter.

Please let me know.



Former Member

Here is how we usually do it when providing F4 help, you can use this logic for your requirement as well.

report zrich_0002 .

parameters: p_vbeln type vbak-vbeln,
            p_posnr type vbap-posnr.

at selection-screen on value-request for p_posnr.

  data: begin of help_item occurs 0,
          posnr type vbap-posnr,
          matnr type vbap-matnr,
          arktx type vbap-arktx,
        end of help_item.

  data: dynfields type table of dynpread with header line.

  dynfields-fieldname = 'P_VBELN'.
  append dynfields.

  call function 'DYNP_VALUES_READ'
            dyname               = sy-cprog
            dynumb               = sy-dynnr
            translate_to_upper   = 'X'
            dynpfields           = dynfields
            invalid_abapworkarea = 1
            invalid_dynprofield  = 2
            invalid_dynproname   = 3
            invalid_dynpronummer = 4
            invalid_request      = 5
            no_fielddescription  = 6
            invalid_parameter    = 7
            undefind_error       = 8
            double_conversion    = 9
            stepl_not_found      = 10
            others               = 11.

  read table dynfields with key fieldname = 'P_VBELN'.

  p_vbeln = dynfields-fieldvalue.

            input  = p_vbeln
            output = p_vbeln.

  select posnr matnr arktx into table help_item
                 from vbap
                      where vbeln = p_vbeln.

  call function 'F4IF_INT_TABLE_VALUE_REQUEST'
            retfield    = 'POSNR'
            dynprofield = 'P_POSNR'
            dynpprog    = sy-cprog
            dynpnr      = sy-dynnr
            value_org   = 'S'
            value_tab   = help_item.

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Rich Heilman

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