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Web Browser Session Hangs When Opening More Than One Query

Let me start off with the BW environment - we are on BW release 3.50 at support pack level 12. Basis component is release 6.40 at level 12.

We have a situation where a web browser HTTP session "hangs" while trying to execute more than one query at a time. A role based menu template is used by our end-users to run queries. The end-users execute a query and while it is running, try to execute a second query. But the web browser for the second query does not become available until the first query is complete.

The following is the detailed steps of the process:

1. From my user menu in BW, expand the folder for Role Z: BW_REPORTING and click on SAP_BW_TEMPLATE – Web_Role_Menu. Web browser window will open.

2. Within the ZTPL_Role_Menu_Reporting web page, select Role Z: FUNC_DEVELOPER > BW Reporting > Controlling > Profitability Analysis > Detail query. (Role Z: FUNC_TESTER can be used in this example as well, just follow the same menu path). Click on Detail and another web browser window will open for the query selection screen.

3. On the selection screen for the CO-PA Detail query, enter values and execute the query.

4. While the CO-PA Detail query is executing, go back to the first opened web browser for ZTPL_Role_Menu_Reporting and go to Role Z: FUNC_DEVELOPER > BW Reporting > Controlling > Profitability Analysis > Operating Concern query. Run the CO-PA Operating Concern query while the CO-PA Detail query is still executing. The session for the Operating Concern “hangs” and does not display the selection screen until the CO-PA Detail query has completed. Once the Detail query has finished, then the second query, CO-PA Operating Concern will then display the selection screen for the query.

Our end-users expect the second query to display the selection screen immediately with no delay. The end-users do not want to wait for the selection screen of the second query. They want to be able to execute the queries simultaneously.

Our Basis group as tried adjusting some parameters and has implemented OSS note 853396, but the issue still exists.

Is it a BW issue or is it an issue with MS Internet Explorer?

Your input and suggestions are appreciated.


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