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config problem with new ISA b2b objects

Hi guys,

I have written below objects and now struggling to configure it for b2b crm 2007 application.

Action Layer:

Business Layer:,,

EAI Layer:,

JSP Files: Z_PromiseShipToDateView.jsp

Custom BOM : Z_CustomeBusinessObjectManager

Basically I have added a new hyperlink to the orderstatusdetails page of b2b isa application and as per the required functionality click on it should open a new window showing some details fetched from the backend.

the customer version of backendobject-config.xml and bom-config.xml look like this after my changes


<backendobject xmlns:isa="" xmlns:xi="" xmlns:xml="">


<!-- customer changes in backendobject-config should be done here by extending/overwriting the base configuration-->

<xi:include href="$/modification/backendobject-config.xml#xpointer(backendobject/configs/*)"/> <config isa:extends="../configs@id='crmdefault'"> <businessObject type="Z_PromiseShipToDate" name="Z_PromiseShipToDate" className="com.mycomp.isa.promiseShipToDateView.backend.crm.Z_PromiseShipToDateCRM" connectionFactoryName="JCO" defaultConnectionName="ISAStateless" /> </config> </configs> </backendobject> bom-config.xml <BusinessObjectManagers xmlns:isa="" xmlns:xi="" xmlns:xml=""> <!-- customer changes in bom-config should be done here by extending/overwriting the base configuration--> <xi:include href="$/modification/bom-config.xml#xpointer(BusinessObjectManagers/*)"/>

<BusinessObjectManager name="Z_CUSTOM-BOM" className="com.mycomp.isa.customBusinessmanager.Z_CustomBusinessObjectManager"/>


But still when i click on the newly added link I get the following error message in new window popup

500 Internal Server Error

SAP J2EE Engine/7.00

ISA Framework: java.lang.NullPointerException com.mycomp.isa.promiseShipToDateView.actions.Z_PromiseShipToDateDisplayAction.doPerform( org.apache.struts.action.RequestProcessor.processActionPerform( org.apache.struts.action.RequestProcessor.process(

Line 61 of action

Z_PromiseShipToDateValue z_PromiseShipToDateValue=z_PromiseShipToDatebo.getPromiseShipToDate(orderNo);

which again goes here

public class Z_PromiseShipToDatebo extends BOBase implements BackendAware {

private BackendObjectManager bem;

private Z_PromiseShipToDate backendCustomContrDet;

private static IsaLocation log = IsaLocation.getInstance(Z_PromiseShipToDatebo.class.getName());

public Z_PromiseShipToDatebo()



public Z_PromiseShipToDateValue getPromiseShipToDate(String orderNo)


return getPromiseShipToDateInfoBackend().getPromiseShipToDate(orderNo);


private Z_PromiseShipToDate getPromiseShipToDateInfoBackend(){

if (backendCustomContrDet == null)


try {

backendCustomContrDet =


} catch (BackendException bex)





return backendCustomContrDet;


public void setBackendObjectManager(BackendObjectManager bem) {

this.bem = bem;



*Can you guys please help me with this.Can you please tell me whether this is happening because objects are not registered properly or some other reason.Please help me with is as this has stuck all my work.

Former Member
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