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Dump in Middleware after Synchronization


I have a Problem with Smart Synchronization (MI 2.5 SP09).

I developed a smart sync application (type twoWay), which allows modifying of item values in syncbo.

The application itself seems to be ok. If I modify a value, I don't get any errors and if i read the SyncBo again (after modifying)

it shows the correct data. The Problem occurs if I try to synchronize with the middleware.

The client trace file doesn't show any errors but the Log Monitor gives the following output:

1          1 I        03.04.2006 15:31:43 
MEREP_ARECEIVER has started for run number 0000002170 and runtime counter 1                                                                                
2          1 D        03.04.2006 15:31:43 
Return code 0 (RECEIVER ENABLED)                                                                                
3          1 I        03.04.2006 15:31:43 
Forced correction of XML document encoding from UTF-8 to sap*                                                                                
4          1 A        03.04.2006 15:31:43 Unknown error                                                                                
5          1 E        03.04.2006 15:31:43 
<Dump>Dereferenzierung der NULL-Referenz.</Dump>                                                                                
6          1 E        03.04.2006 15:31:43 <Dump><?xml version="1.0" encoding="sap*"?>
<Message xmlns="" clientID="" id="wSBPpTNwEbPTyzLSCZ71P7jVswLMoxsL" schemaVersion="2.0"
 synchronous="false"><Delta action="modify" objectID="0001001594" objectType</Dump>       
7          1 E        03.04.2006 15:31:43 
<Dump>="ZMSC_ORD03"><PreStateID type="changedID">7CD0DC76B9CF4F499FE5C1B325107389
wSBPpTNwEbPTyzLSCZ71P7jVswLMoxsL</PostStateID><F pos="1">000004000020</F><Delta ac</Dump>        
8          1 E        03.04.2006 15:31:43
 <Dump>tion="modify" objectID="0001001598" objectType="030"><F pos="1">000004000020</F>
<F pos="2">0010</F><F pos="3">AD-S-E1</F><F pos="4">0001</F><F pos="5">Sichtpr├╝fung aussen</F>
<F pos="6"></F><F pos="7"></Dump>       
9          1 E        03.04.2006 15:31:43 
<Dump>1.000</F><F pos="8">SEZ</F><F pos="9">0.2</F>
<F pos="10">H</F><F pos="11">HUR</F>
<F pos="12">H</F><Fpos="13">HUR</F><F pos="14">1.000</F></Delta></Delta></Message></Dump>                                            
10          1 I        03.04.2006 15:31:43 
MEREP_ARECEIVER has finished for run number 0000002170 and runtime counter 1

I have no clue what this error means.

After modifying and synchronizing the modified syncbo instances an the client always have the following status:

PositionStatus: G

ProcessingStatus: IN_SYNC

Status: S

The Processing Status is always "IN_SYNC" and doesn't change any more.

So it's obvious that the syncbo instances are not processed correctly by middleware. It seems to me that the data the middleware

receives is not correct or not as expected. So the middleware tries to process or transform the data and at this moment an error occurs.

I would be very glad if somebody has a hint or a solution for this problem.



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