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Java Add-In for existing ABAP system


We will require a Java AS installed on each of our existing ERP6 systems(DEV, TST, PRD) for ADS and interactive forms. I am busy with a test installation on a sandbox system.

These systems were initially installed with SR1 but I figure it wouldn't matter if I used SR3 to install the Java Add-In, correct me if I'm wrong. I'm a bit confused how to proceed as in the documentation it says:

Keep in mind that you cannot install the Java Add-In for existing ABAP dialog instance(s). Instead,

you have to uninstall the old ABAP dialog instance(s) and install new ABAP+Java dialog instance(s)

Does this effect a Central Instance or can I proceed to install SCS -> Schema etc ?

I thought I'd try it anyway(since this is a sandbox) and I'm getting an error "role SDBA is not created yet" before that there is two warnings "CIaMsgClient::getProfileValue(GID)" and "CIaMsgClient::getProfileValue(UID)" with "MsGetProfileValue on message server (srvslssap098/3900) failed: MSOP_NOTSET" ..not sure if it's related.

From the error below it's almost like it's expecting the data from the "previous" ABAP installation which naturally we won't have as that was installed years ago. Which brings me to my query above about the dialog instances.

Any idea's or suggestions on the best way to proceed ?




From sapinst.log:

INFO 2009-04-06 13:14:09.416
Execute step CheckSWOwnerExistence of component |NW_Addin_SCS|ind|ind|ind|ind|0|0|NW_GetSidFromProfiles|ind|ind|ind|i

ERROR 2009-04-06 13:14:09.532
CJS-00030  Assertion failed: in 
function (role) {
    NWUsers.trace("NWUsers.getAccountData(", role, ")");
    ASSERT(arguments.callee, this.haveAccountData(role), "role " + role + " is not created yet.");
    var ad = this._readAccountDataFromKeydb(role);
    ad = this._readAccountData(ad);
    var masterpwd = this.getMasterPassword();
    if (ad.password == "" && this._useMasterPasswordForAccountData(ad) && ad.type == "USER" && masterpwd !== undefine
d && role != NWUsers.roles.J2EEGuest && !ad.locked) {
        ad.password = masterpwd;
    NWUsers.trace("NWUsers.getAccountData(): ", dump_properties(ad));
    return ad;
role SDBA is not created yet.

Edited by: Nelis Lamprecht on Apr 6, 2009 1:16 PM Added more info

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